Wettest days in Durham

After the heavy rain of 14th August 2023, I set about looking back on days with similar totals in Durham since I started recording here.

River Wear level in Durham 14th August 2023
River Wear level in Durham 14th August 2023


The total for 14th August was exactly 30.0 mm, which seems a suitable total to use as a threshold. Here’s what I found:

14th August 2023   30.0mm

17th November 2022   55.7mm

5th October 2021   43.8mm

3rd October 2020   32.7mm

8th June 2019   31.8mm

22nd November 2017   49.3mm

The table shows that 30mm in a day in Durham is roughly a once-a-year event. It is also much more prevalent in the 2nd half of the year, all of the occurrences having been later than June.

Noteable ‘close, but no cigar’ days have been

23rd July 2023   29.3mm

23rd September 2020   28.5mm

28th August 2020   29.8mm

12th June 2020   29.2mm

27th July 2019   28.2mm

20th September 2018   28.2mm

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  1. The eventual total for 19-20th October 2023 during Storm Babet was 69.1 mm.

    50.3 mm fell on the 20th.

    The River Wear rose to 2.62m at Elvet Bridge.


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