February 2024 Weather at Durham – Very mild and wet

February 2024 was very mild but generally wet. On the Central England Temperature (CET) scale (since 1658), at 7.8 ºC, it was the second mildest on record, beaten only by 1779 (7.9), and was warmer than the long-term March average.  On the UK wide scale it was the second warmest February since 1884 (6.3) C, after … Read more

January 2024 Weather at Durham – An eventful month

January 2024. An eventful month. There was a cold northerly outbreak mid-month. There were frequent snow showers, particularly across northern and northeastern Scotland, but they also affected the south. The lowest temperture of the spell was -14.0 at Dalwhinnie on the morning of the 17th, the lowest January temperature in the UK temperature since January … Read more

December 2023 Weather at Durham – Overall very mild

December 2023. Overall very mild. The cold spell in November 2023 persisted into the first week. The lowest temperature of the month, -12.5, was observed at Altnaharra on the 3rd; even Cornwall saw some sharp frosts (-4.7 ay Culdrose on the 2nd). There was heavy snow on the 3rd affecting the Lake District, particulaly the … Read more

November 2023 Weather at Durham – Very Stormy start

November 2023 overall saw about average temperatures. The first two weeks were mild and unsettled. It then became rather more settled; it was still mild in the south, but the final ten days were much colder as winds turned to the north, introducing Arctic air. The start of the month continued October’s wet and windy … Read more

October 2023 in Durham – Very Wet, Especially Later

Mild at first, then cool and very wet (Storm Babet) The very first day of October 2023 delivered a 20 degC marker, which was the highest of the month. It remained very mild until 10th when it became much cooler. The first 10 days averaged  14.7 degC, with a mean max of 17.7 degC. It … Read more

September 2023 in Durham – Very Warm

September banner : an apple and a pencil

As so often happens, the weather completely changes in September. The first 10 days in September 2023 averaged 18.5 degC. That would be judged as excellent for a summer month. It was also totally dry until a thundery breakdown on 10th. Some spectacular displays of lightning were seen, although Durham missed the worst of the … Read more

August 2023 Weather – Poor Late Summer Continues

The poor weather of July 2023 extended into August. There was little respite from the rain, except for a drier week from 6th-13th. Temperatures during the same period were unimpressive, which made it feel less summery than it should have done. Either side of this dry period, there were heavy rains. On the 14th August … Read more