Storm Warning – Storm Arwen threatens North East

WEATHER WARNING !! We don’t need to do this often here, but the North East of England is at threat from Storm Arwen, an extremely potent storm system that will affect us overnight on 26th/27th of November. Here is the advisory. Please take heed and keep yourselves safe. No doubt there’ll be the urge to capture epic weather pics/videos, but please don’t put yourselves at risk. I’ll be doing a special article once we get through it. Batten down the hatches and fingers crossed. UPDATE : Aftermath Photos UPDATE by Cllr Chris Fletcher on 27/11/2021 Dear all I thought that …

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October 5th 2021 – What a Deluge!

As some of you may have noticed, yesterday (October 5th 2021) was extremely wet! After a long spell with no real heavy rain, it seemingly all arrived on one day. We’d been warned to expect heavy rainfall, but it proved even wetter than that. Durham and North East England just seemed to be in the wrong place this time! Here’s the record from my log in Gilesgate. It shows the final total of rainfall for 5th October 2021. The final accumulated 43.8mm is quite an impressive total. The 40mm mark of rainfall in a single day isn’t breached too often …

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September 1919 – Heatwave then snow

Just after the end of WW2, September 1919 was an unusual month as it went from a late summer heatwave to early winter snowfall in the space of few days. A hot southerly flow allowed temperatures to climb as high as 32.2C at Raunds on the 11th September 1919. However by the 12th, the windflow came in from the North Sea and maxima temperatures plunged to the teens. The real dramatic change came on the 18th, when a low pressure system tracked to the north of Scotland, deepened as it moved into the North Sea and a vigorous cold front …

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What is ‘The Beast from The East’?

Deep snow in Durham, December 2010

The upcoming cold weather is expected to hit us hard next week. It will come from the continent and traditionally, this is where our coldest weather comes from. Over here on the East Coast, we have no protection from any Easterly or North Easterly, so we tend to bear the brunt of this weather type. The phenomenon occurs every few years and the tabloid newspapers have christened it as ‘The Beast from The East’. So, what exactly is ‘The Beast From The East’? It sounds like some kind of Oriental horror movie, or the title of a Heavy Metal album, …

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What does extreme weather mean for home insurance?

rescuers paddling through flood water after floods in June 2019

Flooding, heatwaves, winter storms – extreme weather is about to start hitting you in the pocket. Lost among the latest barrage of national and international news events is the ongoing nightmare faced by almost 600 households unable to return to their homes in Lincolnshire because of flooding in June 2019. In the last week the River Steeping burst its banks following heavy rains. More than 580 homes in the Wainfleet area were evacuated, with flooding directly affecting around 130 homes and 1,000 people still unable to return. It’s the latest case of extreme weather to hit the UK. Extreme meteorological …

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July 2019 – A real mixture of everything meteorological

Sunshine graphic

The weather of Durham in July 2019 was a real mixture. The first week was very pleasant and dry, with temperatures hovering around the 20-22 degC mark. It got a little warmer toward the middle of the month, as we’d expect, but also slightly more unsettled. A few days peaked at over 25 degC, namely 10th, 11th and 16th. Nothing exceptional though, just typical July weather. What came next was extraordinary. Air began to arrive from North Africa. Europe sweltered and several records were broken. In the UK, temperatures soared. The short heatwave of July 22nd-26th was one of the …

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The Hottest and Coldest Temperatures in The World

The Top 10 Hottest Temperatures Death Valley, California USA  56.7 degC, July 10th 1913 Kebili, Tunisia  55 degC, July 7th 1931 Sulaibiya, Kuwait  53.6 degC, July 31st 2012 Mohenjo-daro, Pakistan  53.5 degC,  May 26th 2010 Tarat Tsvi, Israel  53 degC, June 21st 1942 Nasiriyah, Iraq  52 degC, August 3rd 2011 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 52 degC, June 22nd 2010 San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico  52 degC, June 25th 1951 Oodnadatta, Australia  50.7 degC, January 2nd 1960 In Salah, Algeria  50.6 degC, July 12th 2002 The UK High is 38.7 degC recorded at Cambridge Botanical Gardens on July 25th 2019. The Top …

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