April 2023 Weather in Durham – Spring on Hold

April banner : umbrella and shower cloud

Outdoor Sensor Failure Unfortunately I experienced a failure of the weather station outdoor sensor this month so I have limited direct statistics. Air pressure and rainfall were still recorded, but outside temperatures and humidity were not available from the 6th April 2023. A new sensor was fitted on 26th April, but it needs to be … Read more

April 2022 Weather in Durham – Average Temperatures, Continuing Dry

April Flowers

Temperature April 2022 was a very unremarkable month, temperature-wise. The mean came in at 8.7 degC, which is only very slightly above the 1991-2020 average (8.3). After hitting 20 degC in March 2022, the top temp for April could only reach 18.9 degC on 17th. This is modest. Early in the month, so often the … Read more

April 2020 Weather in Durham – Very Warm and Dry

April 2020 was an extraordinary month in more senses than just Weather. By now, you’ve probably noticed that we’re still in lockdown in Durham (and the rest of the country). The confusion of the second half of March continued into the first part of April, but I got the feeling that people were gradually getting used … Read more