Exploring the Serene Beauty of England’s River Wear

Exploring the Serene Beauty of England’s River Wear Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Northeast England, between the Tyne to the North and the Tees to the South, the River Wear winds its way through stunning valleys, historic cities, and charming countryside. With its rich heritage, diverse wildlife, and tranquil ambiance, the River Wear has … Read more

Spring delayed for 2 weeks in 2021

Here’s the thing. The winter of 2020-2021 in Durham was much colder than the previous one. We had a proper cold January this year, averaging just 2.3 degC, with 13 days of frost and some good snow events. This then continued into the first half of February. When winter is cold, it affects when things really … Read more

The height of summer in Durham, July 2018

July 2nd 2018. The height of the summer. This view shows Old Durham Gardens, just to the East of Durham City. We were in the middle of a long dry spell, where no rain fell at all for about 3 weeks. (21st June – 15th July). The dry spell broke with thunderstorms and heavy rain … Read more

Durham Weather on the road – Iceland trip 2017

Durham Weather went on the road in March 2017 for a trip to Iceland. The highlight of the trip was the Golden Circle drive up to Gullfoss waterfall. Not surprisingly, it was incredibly cold! We also visited Geysir where hot springs and bubbling mud pools are regularly interrupted by the erupting Guysers. Iceland is an … Read more