May 2023 Weather in Durham – Cool and showery at times

May Banner : lambs and sheep

May 2023 starts in showery mood May 2023 started in a showery mood on 1st, with heavy rain and a sharp drop in temperature just after lunch. The thermometer dropped from 15.4 degC at 13:31 to 9.8 degC just an hour later. On 9th there were some very heavy showers, especially around mid-day, yielding 8.6mm … Read more

April 2023 Weather in Durham – Spring on Hold

April banner : umbrella and shower cloud

Outdoor Sensor Failure Unfortunately I experienced a failure of the weather station outdoor sensor this month so I have limited direct statistics. Air pressure and rainfall were still recorded, but outside temperatures and humidity were not available from the 6th April 2023. A new sensor was fitted on 26th April, but it needs to be … Read more

March 2023 Weather in Durham – Cold and damp

March banner : daffodils

Where is Spring in Durham, I hear you ask? That is a question that is being asked more often on social media at the moment and i’m thinking the same thing. We’re getting very used to these mild winter temperatures, but Springs seem to come late. March 2023 can only be described as disappointing. It … Read more

May 2022 Weather in Durham – On the warm side

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Temperature The warmer than normal theme in 2022 continued into May, with a mean of 12.8 degC being +1.8 degC above the long term 1991-2020 normal. May 2022 was a full 3.0 degC warmer than May last year. The peak of the temperature was a modest 22.5 degC reached in mid-month. The thermometer only passed … Read more

April 2022 Weather in Durham – Average Temperatures, Continuing Dry

April Flowers

Temperature April 2022 was a very unremarkable month, temperature-wise. The mean came in at 8.7 degC, which is only very slightly above the 1991-2020 average (8.3). After hitting 20 degC in March 2022, the top temp for April could only reach 18.9 degC on 17th. This is modest. Early in the month, so often the … Read more

March 2022 Weather in Durham – Continuing Mild and Dry

Bright sunshine in Durham Botanical Gardens March 2022

Temperature Once again, the temperature finishes above average. March 2022 came in at 7.3 degC, which is +1.1 degC up on the 1991-2020 average of 6.2 degC. Like February, there was a single air frost, under the influence of high pressure, on March 7th.  The minimum of -2.2 was unremarkable for March in Durham. The … Read more

May 2021 Weather in Durham – Disappointingly cold

Hefty showers in the first week of May 2021

May 2021 was notably cold in the first week. Night time temperatures were only a few degrees above freezing in Durham and the maxima were very disappointing. Along with this, rainfall was on the high side, resulting in the cold start to Spring continuing. The cold nights continued until the last 5 days of the … Read more