May 2024 Weather – Warm but disappointing

May 2024 was classed as ‘very mild’, with the mean a full 2.5 degC above the average, and the mean minimum an extraordinary 4.5 degC above the average. Most of the mildness came in the first half of the month, with the warmest temperature (25.0 degC) registered on the 11th May. Seven days reached 20 degC in the month. The change in the middle of the month to cooler, wetter weather continued for another month into June, making the first half of June 2024 very poor.

Rainfall was on the high side of average, most of it falling in a wet 2nd half. The wettest day was the 22nd May, with over an inch of rain registered. A young person died in a mudslide at Carlton-in-Cleveland on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors. This was the wettest spring day on record. 94.8 mm of rain fell at Keswick on the 22nd, and 124.0 mm of rain fell at Honister Pass in Cumbria on the observing day 22-23rd.

A big highlight of the month was the incredible Northern Lights ‘show’ on 10th May 2024. This coincided with a spell of anticyclonic weather, resulting in a spectacular display, not only in the North East, but most of the country.

Stats for May 2024

Mean : 13.5 degC (+2.5C)

Mean Max : 17.4 degC (+2.0)

Mean Min : 10.6 degC (+4.1)

Abs Max : 25.0 degC on 11th May

Abs Min : 7.4 degC on 21st May

Rainfall : 70.1 mm (+25.7 mm)

Wettest Day : 27.1 mm on 22nd May.

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