UK Snowfall History British Winter Snowfall Events 1875-2023 (Bonacina/O'Hara)

Last update 07/01/2023

UK Snowfall History/Statistics catalog developed by Leo Bonacina

This summary of UK snowfall hisotry has been augmented by me with information from additional sources and brought up to date (the original only covered 1875-1975). Each winter snowfall has been classified as 'little', 'average', 'snowy' or 'very snowy'  and colour coded, depending on the amount of snow and how generally it fell. In general, Bonacina's assessments of snowfall in the UK look correct, although the 'Snowy' classification of the winters of 1937-38 and 1938-39 look less justifiable from the 'coldest month' data.

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Months are October (O), November (N), December (D), January (J), February (F), March (Ma), April (A) and May (My)
Winter CET of coldest month Overall Grade Months with noteable falls Some outstanding features
1875-76 Jan 3.2 Very Snowy NDJFMaAMy First week in Dec., 1-2ft in many places, esp. SE England. 6-22 March many snowstorms. Apr.,Midlands, nearly 2ft in places
1876-77 Jan 5.5 Average DJFMa Just before Christmas, SE England; Feb and Mar., widely in north
1877-78 Jan 4.6 Little DA Late Mar - Early Apr., esp Dartmoor and Exmoor
1878-79 Jan -0.7 Very Snowy NDJFMaA Number of snowdays very large; in places in north 3 months cover. Mid Dec., north Scotland
1879-80 Dec 0.7 Snowy NDJ Snowfall considerable, but less heavy than 1878-79
1880-81 Jan -1.5 Snowy OJFMaA 6in in Oct. (London 19th). 18-21st Jan., Great Blizzard, East Devon to IOW, 3ft level - worst on record (10ft drifts in Evesham). Dartmoor 4ft.
1881-82 Dec 3.9 Little    
1882-83 Dec 3.9 Snowy NDMaA 24th Oct., 7in in 3hrs Evesham. 4-8th Dec, blizzard S Scotland and N England (3-4ft level in Borders)
1883-84 Dec 4.6 Little J 26th Jan., Northwest Scotland
1884-85 Jan 2.9 Average Ma 21st March., England
1885-86 Feb 1.5 Very Snowy ONDJFMaAMy 6th Jan., London 1ft in 7hrs, 28th Feb-2nd Mar., Great Blizzard, north England, Ireland and Scotland, esp. north-east England and Berwicks., depths about 2ft. May 12th, north England, heavy fall
1886-87 Dec 1.9 Snowy DJMa 26th Dec., SE England, 1ft or more in Kent. First half Jan., mid-Mar., England
1887-88 Feb 1.8 Snowy ODFMa Second week October (London 12th), after 13th, Oxford 2ft. 11th-14th Mar., blizzard near coasts of north east England and south east Scotland. Ferocious March. 10th Jun., part of Scotland 6in. 11th July, snow seen in some parts of south and east (?). Keswick, snow above 1000ft
1888-89 Feb 2.9 Average DFMa 10th Feb., England. Early March, esp. Oxford
1889-90 Feb 3.1 Average NDFMa Late Nov.-early Dec. Late Feb.-early Mar.
1890-91 Dec -0.8 Snowy NDJMaMy End Nov.-early Dec., esp. England, Kent 1-2ft. 9-13th Mar., Great West Country Blizzard, Devon and Cornwall 2ft, much drifting. 4-5ft on Dartmoor. 18th May, Midlands and East Anglia, 6in.
1891-92 Jan 2.3 Snowy JFMaA 6-10th Jan. 16-20th Feb., southern England and Wales, 18in in Cork, greatest since 1855. Mid-April, Kent and Sussex to Yorks.
1892-93 Dc 1.8 Average DJF First 3 weeks Jan. Last week Feb., esp. Wales
1893-94 Jan 3.4 Average NJ 18th Nov., east Britain
1894-95 Feb -1.8 Snowy DJFMa Esp. Ireland. End Dec, 7ins Norfolk; second week Jan, 3-6ins widespread; 21-24th Jan, N Scotland; 6-10th Feb., North West, Dumfries and Galloway 2.5ft, Lake District 1.5ft, also south west England
1895-96 Dec 3.9 Little O Last week October
1896-97 Jan 1.6 Average J 23rd Jan., blizzards Aberdeen to Kent, in Norfolk and Suffolk, 1ft deep
1897-98 Dec 4.7 Little FMa 20-22nd Feb., west England
1898-99 Jan 4.9 Little NMa 23rd Nov., Southport 8in. 18th Mar., East Anglia
1899-00 Dec 2.2 Snowy DFMa Mid-Dec., whole of British Isles under snow. First half Feb., greatest general spell in this first 50-year period, 1ft generally. 2ft in places
1900-01 Feb 2.3 Snowy JFMa 4th Feb., south east England. 21st Mar., south west England. 25th Mar., Ireland. 29th Mar., north England and north Wales, depth 5-7ft Snowdon and Berwyn
1901-02 Feb 1.5 Average DJFMa Little snow in south, but snowy in the north. 12-18th Dec., north England and Scotland. 12th Dec., Church Stretton 18in.
1902-03 Jan 4.2 Little DJA Early Dec., Kent
1903-04 Dec 3.3 Little NFMa Late Nov., Kent. Late Feb.-early Mar.. general, esp. Midlands and North.
1904-05 Jan 3.6 Little NA 20-23rd Nov., south Scotland, north west England and north Wales, averaging 18in. Mid-Jan., north west England
1905-06 Feb 3.1 Little FMa Feb. and Mar., north Scotland.
1906-07 Feb 2.8 Average DJF 27-28th Dec., widespread snow; blizzard east Scotland. London, white christmas
1907-08 Jan 2.5 Snowy DJFMaA Early Jan., south England. Late Feb., north England. 23rd Apr., Norfolk and Suffolk 1ft. 25th Apr., Berks., Oxon., Herts., 1-2ft
1908-09 Feb 2.9 Snowy DFMa End Dec. Mid Jan. Mostly Scotland. End Feb.-mid Mar. Great snowspell all parts; 2nd Mar., up to 2ft south east England; 6th Mar., Midlands, North and Scotland
1909-10 Jan 3.5 Average DJMa 15-22nd Dec., Scotland, Ireland west and north England. 25-31st Jan., again, some places worse. Early Mar. south east England 1-2ft.
1910-11 Jan 3.8 Little NA Early Apr., Kent
1911-12 Jan 3.6 Average JF 17-18th Jan., most parts except southern England; Salop and Cheshire 2ft
1912-13 Jan 4.5 Average NJMaA London nearly snowless, northern Britain snowy. 11-13th Jan., severe blizzard, southern Scotland, north England, with 2.5ft. 11-12th Apr., Yorks. and Durham, 1ft.
1913-14 Jan 3.7 Little DJ 20 Mar., southern England
1914-15 Jan 4.1 Average DJFMaMy 22 Jan., southern England, Surrey 1ft. 22nd Feb., again. 15th May, Midlands, Scotland.
1915-16 Feb 3.8 Snowy NFMa Several general falls. March, enormous falls in the Pennines and Black Mountains, High Peak District, at least 10ft deep aggregate
1916-17 Feb 0.9 Very snowy DJFMaA Md-Jan., Midlands, Evesham 14in. 16th Jan, Newquay, 5in;. 10th Mar., Scottish Highlands. 1-3 Apr., Cheviot blizzard. Early Apr., south and west Ireland
1917-18 Dec 2.3 Average DJA Late Dec., especially in north. Third week April, southern England
1918-19 Feb 1.9 Snowy JFMaA Especially Scotland. Early Jan., late Jan.-early Feb., North and Midlands. 27th Mar., London 9in. 27th Apr., east England, London deep snow
1919-20 Jan 5.2 (*Nov 3.3) Little NF 20th Sept.,11-12 Nov 20cm Edinburgh; Dartmoor. 20th Feb., widespread fall
1920-21 Dec 4.2 Little D 11th Dec., east and southern England, 6-12in., 14in Clacton, 1ft in Plymouth
1921-22 Jan 3.7 Average NJFMa Early Jan., north Scotland. Mid-Jan.-early Feb.. End Mar., blizzard Scotland, north and west England, south Wales and south west England
1922-23 Jan/Feb 5.6 Little OFMy Nearly snowless in London. 29th Oct., Cornwall. Second half Feb., Scotland and north England; May, northern Scotland.
1923-24 Feb 3.3 Snowy NDJFMaA Little snow in the south west. 15 Nov., Braemar 2.5ft. 9th Jan., London. 29th Feb., north Scotland
1924-25 Feb 5.2 Little FMa Third week Feb., south coast
1925-26 Dec 2.8 Snowy NDJMy 27th Nov., London, East Anglia. North east England, Norwich 7in. Mid Jan., 15th May, Cotswolds
1926-27 Feb 3.9 Little OJFA 25th Oct., London several inches. End Apr., north England and Scotland, esp., north Scotland
1927-28 Dec 2.1 Snowy NDJMaA 14th Dec., north England and Wales. 25-26th Dec., blizzard southern England, Kent-Cornwall, 1-2ft. 20ft drifts on Salisbury Plain. 8-13th Mar., east Britain
1928-29 Feb 0.4 Snowy DJFA Most snow in west 28th Dec., Wales and west Midlands 10-18th Feb. 16th Feb., Holne Chase on Dartmoor, 6ft in 15hrs
1929-30 Feb 2.5 Average NDFMa Feb. very snowy, Scotland and north England, 13-20th Mar., widespread falls. 21st Mar., Scotland 1ft.
1930-31 Jan 3.2 Snowy NJFMa Early Feb., northern England 2ft, Scotland. First half Mar., snow general, Orkneys 18in.
1931-32 Feb 2.9 Little OFMaA Scotlands most snowfree winter in memory ?
1932-33 Jan 2.2 Snowy ONJF 29-30th Oct., Scotland. 23-26th Feb., Great Blizzard, Ireland 10ft drifts, Wales, north England, Midlands, south west England, Whipsnade 2ft, Harrogate, Huddesfield 30in, Buxton 28in.
1933-34 Dec 1.6 Little ODFMaAMy End Feb., south easy Yorks. 1-2ft
1934-35 Jan 4.5 Average OJFMaAMy 31st Oct, 2" Leicestershire, 8" Lothian, Carter Bar 2ft; 10th Mar., south west and southern England, Devon and Dorset 1ft; 16-17th May, Scotland to south west England, inc. Scilly, 2-3ft in Pennines
1935-36 Feb 2.6 Average DJF Third week Jan., north and Midlands. Feb., esp. north east England
1936-37 Jan 5.2 Average DJFMa First week Dec., northern Scotland. 28th Feb., blizzard many parts, Scotland and north England 1ft, 7th Mar., southern England. 11-13th Mar., Great blizzard, southern Scotland, northern England, northern Ireland
1937-38 Dec 3.0 Snowy ('Average'?) NDJF 4th Dec., Scotland and northern England, 7th Dec., south west England, Dorset 1-2ft. 10-15th Dec., blizzards, Scotland, north England, Wales. Mid-Feb., southern England
1938-39 Jan 4.2 Snowy ('Average'?) DJ 18-26th Dec., general heavy snowfall, 1ft in east, 2ft Dartmoor. 25th Jan., southern England and south Wales, Berks, Hants., Wilts. 2ft (14in Hampstead)
1939-40 Jan -1.4 Snowy DJFMa 17th Jan., 1ft at Eastbourne. 27-28th Jan., blizzard of decade in Scotland, England, except south west, Derbys., Cheshire, Lancs. 2ft. Sheffield 4ft accumulated. 28-30th Jan., Eastbourne, Kent, 10in., and east Sussex. Exmoor 7-8ft drifts.
1940-41 Jan 0.5 Snowy DJFMa Third week Jan., 18-20th Feb., blizzard north east England and south east Scotland, worst since Mar. 1888? West Midlands, Wirrall, north west England 12-15in. Consett 4ft. 6-16ft drifts, County Down. 26-27th Mar., northern Scotland. worst since 1879? Tain 3ft., Oban 9in.
1941-42 Jan 0.9 Snowy JFMa Mainly in east, 19-20th Jan., Scotland and northern England, 1-2ft, Midlands and south east, 6in. Early-Feb., North
1942-43 Jan 4.9 Little DJMy Late Dec.-early Jan., east Scotland. 8th May, Scotland, northern England, Northern Ireland, Douglas I.O.M. 6in.
1943-44 Dec 3.5 Little F 25-29th Feb., Scotland, north east England, north Midlands, Mansfield, Nottingham, 1ft.
1944-45 Jan 0.4 Snowy NDJ 8-12th Dec., west Scotland. First half Jan., Bellingham 2ft. 22-25th Jan., south Wales and south west England, 1-2ft. Cardiff 30in. 29-30th Jan., northern England and southern Scotland.
1945-46 Jan 2.7 Little FMa 20th Feb., north east Scotland. 2nd Mar. Kent
1946-47 Feb -1.9 Very Snowy DJFM Probably worst since 1814. 19th Dec., southern England. 22 Jan.-17th Mar., continuous snowcover. 28-29th Jan., south west England, Scilly 7in. 7th Feb., south Midlands and East Anglia. 25-27th Feb., northern England and Wales, eastern Scotland. 4th Mar., blizzard, Wales, Midlands, northern England, 1ft; 5ft accumulated in hills. 12th Mar., Border country
1947-48 Feb 4.7 Average NJFAMy 18-19 Nov, 6" Wrexham; 20th Feb., south east England, 12in. Cornwall.
1948-49 Jan 5.5 (*Mar 5.1) Little DJMa Early Mar., in the north
1949-50 Jan 4.2 Little DJFA Second week Dec., Scotland and northern England and Wales, 12in. 25th Apr., south and south east England. Wiltshire-Kent, 6-18in
1950-51 Dec 1.2 Snowy ONDJFMaAMy Snowiest winter of the century at high levels, 102 days snow lying Dalwhinnie (1000ft); (83 days in 1946-47). 15th Dec., Shanklin 15in in 3.5hrs., Bournemouth 10in. Scarborough, Lowestoft 14in. Early Jan., western Scotland. Feb., in the hills
1951-52 Jan 2.7 Average JFMa Jan., very snowy in Scotland and Ulster. 28th Jan., Scotland, northern England and north Wales. 28-30th Mar., south Midlands, Cotswolds and Chilterns 12in.
1952-53 Dec 2.8 Average NJFAJu Late Nov., Wales and south Midlands, 1ft, drifts 30ft. Third week Dec., west Scotland, north west England and north Wales. Second week Feb., northern England and north Wales; early June, Cairngorms
1953-54 Jan 2.9 Average JFMa 25th Jan., Welsh borders, 1ft. Late Jan.-early Feb., Hants. and Dorset 12in. Early Mar., north west England and north Wales
1954-55 Feb 1.2 Snowy DJFMaMy Dec., Aberdeen, 2ft. 4th Jan., generally, England 4-12in. 14th Jan., southern England. 17th Jan., Lancs and Yorks, Blackpool 5ft drifts. Mid-Jan., northern Scotland, north east England 1-2ft. Feb., generally snowy, especially north Scotland ('Operation Snowdrop'). Mid May, high Pennines.
1955-56 Feb -0.2 Snowy DJF Dec., frequent blizzards, Scotland. 8th Dec., north east England and Border. 7th Jan., onwards, Scotland. Feb., especially 18-27th, east coasts and southern Britain
1956-57 Feb 5.3 Little DF Christmas week, extreme south. Mid-Feb., north west England and Midlands; Leicester, 12in
1957-58 Jan 3.4 Snowy DJFMa Second week Dec., north. Last week Jan., south east England; Shoeburyness 23in. 8th Feb., 24th Feb., widespread falls. Jan., Scotland, esp. extreme north
1958-59 Jan 1.6 Little J Jan., Scotland, esp. extreme north
1959-60 Jan 3.8 Average JF Mid-Jan., 1ft many places England and Wales, blizzard north east Scotland. Mid-Feb., North.
1960-61 Dec/Jan 3.9 Little D 19th Dec., Midlands and northwards
1961-62 Dec 2.2 Average DJFMa Christmas week, widespread snow, London and south east, 6in. Early Jan., Midlands 12-14in, Chilterns 15in. Last week Feb., southern England. Mar., especially in Scotland. 10in Jersey.
1962-63 Jan -2.1 Very Snowy NDJF Mid-Nov., especially south west England. 26-29th Dec., blizzards southern England. London 12in drifting snow. Jan. and Feb., widespread falls, especially Devon, north east England 2ft.
1963-64 Dec 2.6 Little JMa Mid-Jan., south coast
1964-65 Feb 3.1 Average DJFMa 20th Feb., northern and eastern England. 4th Mar., Wales and southern England, Wilts.-Gloucs. 12in. 22nd Feb., Buxton 14in.
1965-66 Jan 2.9 Snowy NDJFA Second half Nov., most areas. 14-22nd Jan., eastern Britain. Feb., north east Britain. 1-2nd Apr. northern England 1ft. 14-15th Apr., southern England 5in.
1966-67 Jan 4.5 Little NJ 26th Nov., northern Britain. 6-7th Jan., south east England
1967-68 Feb 1.9 Average DJFA 7-8th Dec., Wales and south west England and Midlands, Devon 12in, Wales 18in. 8-9th Jan., Wales, central and eastern England, 12in. 3-6th Feb., Scotland, northern England and Midlands 12-18in.17th Mar., Scotland
1968-69 Feb 1.0 Snowy DFMa 26-30th Dec., eastern Scotland and England, 16in east Yorks. Feb., especially 19-20th, England and Wales. 12.-20th Mar., Pennines (Emley Moor TV mast fell)
1969-70 Feb 2.9 Snowy NDFMa 15-17th Nov., north Wales and northern England, Scotland. 17-19th Dec., north Wales, northern England and southern Scotland. 12-18th Feb., most parts. 3-4th Mar., Wales and England, Midlands 12in
1970-71 Dec 4.3 Little DMa 25-27th Dec., southern England. White christmas in London and SE.
1971-72 Jan 3.9 Little NJMa 17-18th Jan., Scotland and northern England
1972-73 Feb 4.3 Little NF 18-19th Nov., Scotland. 20-21st Jan., southern Scotland and Pennines. 15th Feb., western Britain
1973-74 Dec 4.9 Little F 19th Dec., Scotland. 6th Feb., most parts
1974-75 Feb 4.4 Little OMaA End Oct., Scotland. 7-8th Jan., northern Scotland. 27-30th Mar., eastern England. 7-9th Apr., widespread, especially north east Scotland. 1-2nd June, Scotland, northern England and East Anglia, up to 4in
1975-76 Feb 4.5 Little DJ 12th Dec. 1-2nd Jan., 24-26th Jan.
1976-77 Dec 2.0 Average DJF 2nd Dec., 16th Dec., 13th Jan., heavy wet snowfall. 10-18th Jan., 6in lying.
1977-78 Feb 2.8 Snowy JF 11-12th Jan., 6ft drifts. 19th Jan., mid-Feb., up to 4in. 27-29th Jan. blizzards Scotland, 28in., much drifting. 8-17th Feb., very snowy north east, east and south west England; Feb 11th, Edinburgh, Durham 1ft. Feb. 15-16th south west England, blizzard with huge drifts.
1978-79 Jan -0.4 Very Snowy DJFMa 29-31st Dec., blizzard north east England, southern Scotland 6-7in. Very cold. 14th Feb east coast of England, drifts 6-7ft. 16-18th Mar., Severe drifting and blizzard, north eastern England, drifts to 15ft.
1979-80 Jan 2.3 Little FMa 1st Feb., 4in. 17th Mar., 6in
1980-81 Feb 3.0 Little NJA 6th Nov., Jersey 2in. 16th Jan., 4in. 23rd Apr., north east England 9in., 24-25th Apr. Yorks, central, southern England 3-20in.
1981-82 Dec 0.3 Snowy DJ 12-18th Dec., south west and southern England 12in. North east England, 7in. 20th Dec., northern England, 7in, 6ft drifts. 6-15th Jan. general snow, 1-2ft cover.
1982-83 Feb 1.7 Average NDF 14th Nov., south Pennines, 23rd Nov., south west Scotland. 16-18th Dec., northern England. 8-10th Feb., generally.
1983-84 Feb 3.3 Average JFMa Jan, very snowy in Scotland. 13th-23rd Jan., Scotland, N. Ireland and northern England. Considerable drifting on hills. 21-23rd Jan., northern England, C. Highalands, Scotland 2ft lying. Early Feb, Scotland. 24th Mar., Highlands.
1984-85 Jan 0.8 Snowy JFMa Very cold with snow, especially in southern England. 4-6th Jan., eastern England. Mid-Jan., East Anglia and Kent, 6in. 17-18th Jan., south west England and south Wales. 25-28th Jan., Scotland (Aviemore 2ft. level) and northern Britain. 9th Feb., southern England 6-12in. Substantial drifts. 29th Mar., Scotland; 7th Jun, Eskdalemuir.
1985-86 Feb -1.1 Average NJFMaAJu 18-20th Nov, S. England 2ins.; 25-29th Nov., Scotland, 6-12in. 7-8th Jan, widespread. 22-23rd Feb., south west England, 6in. Feb very cold (CET -1.1degC); 1st Mar, blizzard, England. Apr, numerous places more than 10 days snowfall; 10 June, S Cairngorms
1986-87 Jan 0.8 Average JMa Jan, severe spell, 11-14th Jan., general heavy snow in east. 18ins Southend, 20ins Cornwall. Severe drifting in parts of SE, 25ft in places.; 19th Mar, southern and south west England, 4ins.
1987-88 Feb 4.9 Little A 4-5th Apr., northern England and southern Scotland. 25th Apr., eastern England, Nottingham, 4in.
1988-89 Feb 5.9 (*Nov 5.2) Little NA 20th Nov, South East, Dover 6"; 5th Apr, South East, 7" Tadworth.
1989-90 Dec 4.9 Little J 27th Jan, Welsh hills leading to flooding.
1990-91 Feb 1.5 Snowy DJFAJu 7-8th Dec., Birmingham 12-18in., Derbys., 2ft drifts. 2-4th Jan., northern Scotland 1ft; 31st Jan, C and S England; 5-10th Feb., general powder snowfall, 1ft in places. Bingley, Bradford, Longframlington 20in, London 5ins, "wrong type of snow" for British Rail; 21 April, Swindon; early June, Scotland
1991-92 Jan 3.7 Little Ma 13-14th Mar, blizzards Scottish Highlands; 22nd Mar., Peak District
1992-93 Dec 3.6 Little ODJFM Mid-Oct, Scotland; 15-16th Dec., northern Scotland, Aviemore 18in.; 11-12th Jan, Scotland and N England, 12ins with 30ft drifts.; End-Feb., Aberdeen 8in, East Anglia 4in.; 13th-14th May, 1ft Moor House, Durham
1993-94 Feb 3.2 Average NDJF 20-22nd Nov., eastern counties of England and Scotland, 4-8in. 20-24th Dec., Scotland and Wales, 6in; White Christmas (slight), south Wales and Wessex. 6th Jan., IOW to Lincs., 6in. 15-16th Feb., northern England 4in. 20th-26th Feb., East coast and Eastern Scotland, 8" to 1ft.
1994-95 Jan 4.8 Little JMa Jan 25th, Leeds 40cm in 3hrs. Mar 2nd, Birmingham, Wales, Midlands, London, 15cm. 28th Mar NE England, Pennines, 35cm Holmfirth, Yorks.
1995-96 Dec 2.3 Snowy NDJFMa Nov 17th, 2" NE England; Christmas Eve/Day, Scotland and NE, Shetlands 14ins. much drifting; 25-26th Jan, North Pennines, Eastern England. 30-40cm. 5th-7th Feb NW (Lancaster 6ins. level, 2ft drifts), SW Scotland, Cumbria 20ins; 19th-20th Feb, East Anglia and South; Mar 11th, east.
1996-97 Jan 2.5 Little NDJ 19th Nov, Staffs., Cheshire, Merseyside, and north Wales, Buxton cut off; 27th-31st Dec, Midlands, South, South East; 31st Dec., Channel Islands, 5ins.; 2nd Jan., Channel Islands 10ins..
1997-98 Jan 5.2 Little DJA 1-2nd Jan, south east England, 5in. 17-19th Jan., northern and eastern Scotland, roads blocked.; 10th-15th Apr. 11th, 15ins., NE Wales, general 1-2ins..; 14th N. England 'white Easter''
1998-99 Feb 5.3 Little F 5-11th Feb., Scotland and northern England, Aberdeen 1ft.
1999-00 Jan 4.9 Little D 18th Dec, 8ins Brecon Beacons, 5ins Salisbury Plain
2000-01 Jan 3.2 Average DJFMa 26-31st Dec,. general snowfall, 4ins., Glasgow and  Belfast, 8in. 21st Jan, central and eastern Britain. 26th Jan., Chilterns. 1-4th Feb., Eastern Scotland and north-east England 12-18in over 1000ft. Aboyne, 2ft. 26-27 Feb., south east Scotland , N. Ireland and Northern England., Lanark 2ft., 1st-2nd Mar, N. England and Scotland. 1ft. Boltshope Park
2001-02 Dec 3.6 Little NJ 8th-9th Nov, 8th North, 9th South. 28th-31st Dec., North, mainly Pennines
2002-03 Feb 3.9 Little JF 3rd-4th Jan, Northumberland, Durham, NE Wales, 9ins; 8th Jan, Thames Estuary and London 10cm; 30th general snowfall; 1st Feb., East Anglia 3ins; 3rd-5th Feb, Highlands 10ins
2003-04 Dec 4.8 Average ODJFMa 21st-23rd Oct, Dublin area; 22nd Dec, Scotland 4", E. Counties England. 31st Dec N. England, Wales 4"; 14th Jan midlands 2", Wales 6", 15th Jan Northumberland 8"; 28 Jan, Midlands and S England "Thundersnow"; Feb 25th-28th East coast, general 6", 2-3" London. 5" Bournemouth; Wales/N England 6" in places; 12th Mar., generally several ins.
2004-05 Feb 4.3 Little NDFMa 18th Nov, East Midlands, S Yorks 2-3"; 25th Dec, white Christmas in places; 24th Feb, S. Scotland, N England (hills); 25th Feb : SE and Kent, SW; 2nd Mar, Kent/E Sussex; 4th Mar, Kent/Suffolk 2"; 13-14th Mar, N. Scotland
2005-06 Feb 3.7 Average NDFMa Nov 25th, Cornwall; Nov 25th-26th, Highlands 6", Scotland; 27th Dec, Kent 6-7"; 28th Dec NE and E England, Folkestone 10" drifts, Lincoln 4", Northumberland 6"; 27th Feb, Pennines, Cairngorms; 28th Feb, N. Scotland, drifting snow; 1st-5th Mar, N. Scotland, Glenlivet/Aberdeen 10" lying, 4th Mar, Lancaster; 12th Mar, Scotland (Ayrshire 4ft drifts), Wales, N, NW England. 7" Bishopton.
2006-07 Feb 5.8 Little JF 21st-22nd Jan, north (high ground), south and east; 8th Feb, C.Ireland/England, 4-6ins. in places, S. Wales; 9th Feb, Midlands, NE England and Wales
2007-08 Dec 4.9 Little JFMaA 3rd Jan, E.Scotland; 1st Feb, N England; 21st-30th N+E England, 'White Easter'; 6th April, Central Southern England
2008-09 Jan 3.0 Average ONJF 28th-30th Oct, widespread, especially South, 1-2"; 21st Nov, North and East; 1st-2nd Feb, South East, Generally; 12th Feb, N+E
2009-10 Jan 1.4 Very Snowy DJFMa 17th-26th Dec, generally; 20th Dec, 4-6" widespread; 23rd Dec 12" Lothians; White Xmas in many areas; 27th Dec, Scotland, Perthshire 12-18"; 29th Dec, Wales, C+N England, Wales 12"; 31st Dec, NE Scotland, 1st-3rd Jan, N England; 4-5th Jan, NW England, W Scotland, 19" Aviemore, 3-4ft Cairngorms; 6th-9th Jan, SE Scotland, NE England 1-2ft, S. England, SE England 3-4", Deal/Sandwich 2-3 ft drifts; 10th Jan, Ireland, Kildare/Wicklow 12-15"; Wales/NW Eng/W Mid 15"; 18-20th Jan, Wales+W Midlands, >2ft Snowdonia; 25th Jan, Scotland, 2ft Aviemore; Feb 24th-26th Scotland, 18" Aviemore; end Mar, East Scotland, 16" Aviemore
2010-11 Dec -0.7 Snowy NDJMa 23rd-30th Nov, E Scotland and NE England 1ft, Rothbury 18", Peak District 30" by 1st Dec, 6" generally; 27th Nov, N. Ireland; 28-29th Nov S+E Scotland 8-12", NE England 4-6"; 1st Dec, Yorks 8-15", Lincs 12-16"; 2nd Dec, Southern England 10-15" widely, South Downs 2ft; 16th Dev, N Scotland 12"; 17-18th Dec, N. Ireland 12", W Midlands 4-8", SE England; 19th Dec, NE England 4-6"; 20th Dec, Devon; 21st Dec, E. Eire, Wales, NW England Dublin 6"; 25th Dec, white xmas in Scotland; 4-7th Jan, NW England; 9th-13th March, Scotland, 15" Fort William, 2ft N of Aviemore.
2011-12 Feb 3.8 Little JFA Jan 1st-7th Scotland; Feb 1st half, East Anglia (3"), S England 4", NE England 6", Apr 2nd/3rd North
2012-13 Feb 3.2 (*Mar 2.7) Snowy JFMaM Jan 10th-25th generally, considerable disruption, Yorkshire 6-8" deep on 21st; Feb 10th/11th widespread; March: 20 days with snow in Midlands, North and Scotland. Mar 11th/12th South coast and Channel Islands; Mar 22nd, NW England (high ground up to 8"), NE Wales (up to 1ft) SW Scotland and N Ireland (up to 1ft). Snow lying 1-2ft deep in Pennines at Easter (Mar 31st); 14 May, Shropshire 5cm, Dartmoor.
2013-14 Jan 5.7 Little NDJF Little snow in general but huge amounts in some Scottish ski resorts.; 21-25 Dec, Aviemore 2"; 3rd Jan, N+C Scotland; 26th Jan C+S Scotland; 12-14 Jan N. England (high ground); Feb 1st, 16th Cumbria
2014-15 Feb 4.0 Little DJ 10-12th Dec NW Scotland and Highlands, N England;26th Dec Pennines; Jan 13th Aberdeenshire 1ft, Northumberland; Jan 29th Wales; 3rd Feb 4" Shetland
2015-16 Feb 4.9 Little DJMaA 12th Dec, N. Ireland (3-5cm), N. England (3-15cm); 9-14th Jan, S. Scotland (Perthshire 5-6cm); 13-14th Jan, East Coastal Counties, 1-3cm; 16-17th Jan, S. Pennines (3-4cm) and Cumbria (7-10cm), London (1-2cm); 14th Feb, N.Yorks, 2-5cm; Early March, N Pennines, 17cm Malham; 29-30th Apr, North and Scotland. 9cm Crombie Country Park (Angus)
2016-17 Jan 4.0 Little NJMaA 6-9th Nov, Scotland and Pennines; 11-12th Jan, 10-20cm Scotland; 20-22nd March, North.; 24-27th Apr, North
2017-18 Feb 2.9 Snowy NDJFMaA 30th Nov, E. Coast Durham and Yorks, 5cm; 8-16th Dec, Central Britain, Ireland, Wales, 10-20cm; 17th Jan, Eskdalemuir, Scotland 38cm; 28th Feb, 20cm N. Pennines; early March, widely, 20-30cm, drifting snow; "Beast from the East"; 4th Mar Little Rissington, Gloucestershire 60cm lying; 17-18 Mar, S England and Wales 20cm
2018-19 Feb 4.0 Little OJF 27th Oct, 7-10cm Northern Hills; 1st Feb, C and S England 20cm, 27cm Bath, Scotland
2019-20 Dec 5.8 Little NDJ 7-8th Nov, Scotland 6cm; Mid Dec, high ground of Pennines and Scotland 10-15cm; 8th-9th High Pennines 10cm; 13th Jan 8-10cm N Scotland; 27th-28th Jan, 8-10cm in N. Ireland, W. Scotland
2020-21 Jan 3.5 Average DJFMa 3rd/4th Dec, Scotland; 24th/25th Official White Christmas in places. 26th "Storm Bella"; 6th-14th Northern England, Scotland, 6-8"; 19th-21st "Storm Christopher" Midlands; 7th-14th Feb, Very Cold with some snow. Scotland 38cm Aboyne on 10th; 13th March, Highlands. 5th May, 1cm Achiltibuie (Ross and Cromarty)
2021-22 Jan 4.6 Little ND Storm Arwen 26th-27th Nov, 7" Derbyshire; White Christmas, High Ground North;
2022-23 Dec 3.4 Little DJF Central Scotland mid Dec, around 6"; Central Scotland mid Jan, 14"; Scotland 18th Feb.

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