September 2023 in Durham – Very Warm

September banner : an apple and a pencil

As so often happens, the weather completely changes in September. The first 10 days in September 2023 averaged 18.5 degC. That would be judged as excellent for a summer month. It was also totally dry until a thundery breakdown on 10th. Some spectacular displays of lightning were seen, although Durham missed the worst of the … Read more

August 2023 Weather – Poor Late Summer Continues

The poor weather of July 2023 extended into August. There was little respite from the rain, except for a drier week from 6th-13th. Temperatures during the same period were unimpressive, which made it feel less summery than it should have done. Either side of this dry period, there were heavy rains. On the 14th August … Read more

Wettest days in Durham

After the heavy rain of 14th August 2023, I set about looking back on days with similar totals in Durham since I started recording here.   The total for 14th August was exactly 30.0 mm, which seems a suitable total to use as a threshold. Here’s what I found: 14th August 2023   30.0mm 17th … Read more

The Great Snowstorm of 1888: A Winter Catastrophe in Durham

The Great Snowstorm of 1888: A Winter Catastrophe in Durham One of the most remarkable weather events in the history of County Durham was the Great Snowstorm of 1888. This severe winter storm left an indelible mark on the region, with its impact resonating for years to come. From March 12 to March 15, County … Read more