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Why You Need an Air Quality Monitor

Why you need to monitor the carbon dioxide in your house ?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is not harmful to the human body when it is at a low level, but when it increases above a certain amount, it will start to affect the breathing of humans (and other organisms). The reason is that the concentration of carbonic acid in the blood increases, the acidity increases, and then acidosis occurs.

The Indoor CO2 Standard:

  • 350~450ppm: Same as general outdoor environment
  • 350~1000ppm: The air is fresh and breathing is smooth.
  • 1000~2000ppm: You feel the air is muggy and start to feel drowsy.
  • 2000~5000ppm: You feel you have a headache, drowsiness, sluggishness, inability to concentrate, rapid heartbeat, mild nausea.
  • More than 5000ppm: It may cause severe hypoxia, causing permanent brain damage, coma, and even death.

Main benefits

Elikliv Indoor CO2 Meter CO2 Monitor for Home Temperature Carbon Dioxide Detector Air Quality Monitor NDIR Sensor Date Logger 400~5000ppm Range
  • Elikliv Indoor CO2 Meter: Adopt to hollow back design with colorful LCD screen digital display, clear numbers, easy to identify and read. and the compact size and easy to use and carry. Perfect for home interior, like living room bathroom, manufacturer phone, classroom, office, etc closed places.
  • Necessity of Air Quality Monitor: Carbon dioxide (CO2) is not harmful to human body when it is low, but when it overs a certain amount, it will affect the breathing of humans (and other organisms). If serious, life is threatening. Thus, we have to monitor the CO2 content of air for keeping health.
  • Advanced NDIR Technology: Mini CO2 meter uses high precision NDIR sensor technology to detect carbon dioxide accurately and quickly; Hazard assessment : the alarm will be issued once the set value is exceeded.
  • 1600mAn Rechargeable Battery Air monitor built-in 1600mAh Li-ion battery can be used continuously for 3 hours after full charging, which can meet your testing needs in different environment for a long time.
  • Easy to Use Put the air quality detector CO2 in a ventilated place, and turn on , automatic calibration is completed after 1-2 minutes, CO2 tester can be used normally.

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