ORIA Mini Bluetooth 5.0 Humidity Temperature Sensor

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Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer, ORIA Mini Bluetooth 5.0 Humidity Temperature Sensor with Data Export and Alerts for iOS Android, Smart Real-Time Records for House, Wine Cigar, Living Room, Baby Room

  • High Accuracy Sensor – built-in upgraded MEMS sensor, it refreshes once per second to provide more timely and higher accuracy data. Temperature error can to ±0.5℃(±1℉), Humidity error can to ±5%. Adopted 5.0 Bluetooth chip, Temperature sensor provides real-time wireless monitoring for temperature (-20-60℃) and humidity (0-100%RH). Up to 20m(65.6ft) connecting distance (in the open area).
  • Wireless APP Control – temperature sensor uploads data to App when connecting to it via Bluetooth. You can check the maximum and minimum values of temperature and humidity on APP. One smart device can be connected up to 100 temperature sensors simultaneously, and supports Android 4.3 or above, iphone 4s or above.
  • Smart Alert for Reminding – Data on the APP will turn red and will send a notification to your mobile phone to remind you and your family to know the temperature & humidity variation when data exceed your pre-set value. It can be applied in monitoring home, pets, refrigerators, freezers, walk-in Cooler, wine cellars and greenhouses.
  • Data Storage Export – Wireless thermometer hygrometer will record data every 10 seconds in the APP, which is total up to100 days. (pls make sure that your phone gets within range of it at least once per day.) Available to download data in CSV format for free after registered account.
  • Mini & Portable Design – Our wireless temperature humidity sensor is smaller than others measuring 1.3 x 1.3 x 0.47-inches, and built in CR2032 battery, it’s about six ounces. The battery lifespan is about 100 days. A hanging hole is designed for various placement as you want. Space-saving and handy.

Product Description

Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer

[ This Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor will be a good helper in your life. ]

It can real-time detect the temperature and humidity condition. Automatic alarm if the temperature and humidity is abnormal. You can easy view the temperature and humidity change by the data according to all historical records, which up to 100 days.


1) This product is the Bluetooth version (Not Wifi version)

2) Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer is little bigger than a CR2032 battery.

3) Please note that the connecting distance in the house normally is within 20m(65.6ft).

4) Please turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and make sure your cellphone is closer near the device when pairing.

5) Once you get a constant reading for a long time, please try to replace a new battery.

6) There is a vent behind the Thermometer Hygrometer, please note that not to block it. Otherwise it will affect its performance. For example: do not cling it to the wall.

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Wireless Thermometer Hygromete Ugraded Bluetooth Thermometer Hygromete Visible Wireless Thermometer Hygromete Visible Bluetooth Thermometer Hygromete Bluetooth 5.0 Thermometer Hygrometer
Wireless APP Control
Smart Alert for Reminding
Data Storage Export
Wireless Range 20m(in the open area) 50m(in the open area) 35m(in the open area) 35m(in the open area) 35m(in the open area)
Notification Alerts Push
Power CR2032 battery 3V CR2477 Battery Upgraded Battery – CR2447 Upgraded Battery – CR2447 Upgraded Battery – CR2447
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