August 2022 – Hot and Dry. Another record breaking month

August 2022

According to Tim Burt at the Durham University Observatory, August 2022 was the 2nd hottest August in Durham since 1843 (when the record began). It was beaten only by August 1975, a month I remember vividly too. There were 23 days over 20 degC. The average for the month was 17.5 degC at my station in Gilesgate, whilst the Durham University station returned 17.3 degC.

The heat of July 2022 returned in August, with a peak of 30.6 degC on the 10th. This made it the 3rd warmest August day on record, and the following day also exceeded 30 degC in Gilesgate, coming in at 30.3 degC.  The Durham Observatory site was a little cooler on this occasion. The hot spell from 9th-14th all had maximum temps over 27 degC.

Met Office Amber Extreme Heat Warning

Rainfall records show August 2002 to be the 3rd driest August since 1868 in Durham. Only 14mm was counted at Gilesgate, with half of that total falling on the 20th. There had been virtually no rain until then.

I don’t record sunshine totals on my weather station, but Tim Burt reckons this was also the 4th sunniest August on record, with 222 hours total. This represents 48% of the possible.

August 2022 Summaries

August 2022 Temperature Summary 1

August 2022 Temperature Summary 2

August 2022 Rainfall Summary 1

August 2022 Rainfall Summary 2

August 2002 Barometer Summary

The Summer of 2022

June 2022 was 10th hottest. July was the 2nd hottest on record, and August was 2nd hottest. It is not then surprising that Durham experienced the hottest overall summer since records began in 1843. It was also notably dry. with only 54% of average rainfall. and the 8th sunniest on record since 1880, with just two sunless days!

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