Wild Weather with Richard Hammond

While I was poking about on YouTube looking for Jack Scott videos, I rediscovered this series by Richard Hammond (of Top Gear fame). It’s called ‘Wild Weather’ and is worth a watch.


Richard Hammond investigates the crucial role that water plays. Without water there would be almost no weather: no rain, no hail, no snow, no clouds. So Richard goes in pursuit of water in all it’s forms. He tries to weigh a cloud, finds out how rain could crush a car, and gets involved in starting an avalanche.

Richard Hammond investigates the crucial role that temperature plays in all weather. Without heat there would be no weather – no rain, no snow, no dust storms, no thunder and lightning.

Richard Hammond investigates how wind actually starts. He visits one of the windiest places on the Planet, walks into the centre of a man-made tornado and creates a 10 metre high whirlwind – made of fire!

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