November 2022 Weather in Durham – Very mild and unsettled

The Weather at Gilesgate, Durham November 2022

A very mild November at Durham, with the first half being especially so, but as usual in such a mild month it was also very wet.

The peak of the month’s warmth was on 11th November, when 16.5 degC was reached. The night of 11th November was the warmest November night on record at Durham. The maximum actually reached 10 degC or more on 16 days in the month, which is quite respectable. There was only one air frost recorded (-0.3 on 29th).

The outstanding event of the month was the extraordinary total of rain on 17th November. The total of 55.7mm was recorded during the passing of a depression and although the total was a mammoth one for Gilesgate, there is no special mention of it in Professor Tim Burt’s notes for Durham University, so it seems to be a hyper-local total. The total for 17th was 31.6mm there, so it may have been split over two rainfall reporting days.

Note : The total for 16th-17th November 2022 at Durham University was 52.4mm. Their reporting retains the 0900-0900 throwback system, whereas at Gilesgate I report on a midnight-midnight system. The two totals are therefore very congruent after all. The total for 15th-17th at Gilesgate was 79.1mm (22.0,1.4 and 55.7). At Durham University Observatory it was 73.2mm (20.8,20.8 and 31.6).

Weather of November 2022 at Durham. Daily Summary 1

Weather of November 2022 at Durham. Daily Summary 2Weather of November 2022 at Durham. Temperature Summary

Weather of November 2022 at Durham. Rainfall Summary


From Trevor Harley

Very mild and unsettled, and very wet in places. It was the joint seventh mildest in the CET series, and since 1900 only 1994, 2011, 1938, and 2015 were milder, and the third warmest for the UK overall in records going back to 1884 (only 1994 and 2011 were milder). The month had a very mild first half with S and SW winds bringing warm air from the Azores. A new record high minimum was set for Scotland on the night of 10th-11th, with the temperature falling no lower than 14.6C at both Kinloss and Prestwick.  It was the mildest Armistice Day on record, with 15.9C recorded at Myerscough (Lancs.). The warmest ever day so late in the year, 21.2 C, was recorded at Porthmadog on the 13th (which was also the highest temperature of the month). It was cooler towards the end of the month. It was generally a wet month, particularly in the Western Isles, eastern Scotland, and southern England; UK rainfall was 130% of average  overall, and sunshine 95%, with it being particularly dull in the east. The coldest temperature was -6.0 C at Aviemore on the 30th, and 115.6 mm of rain fell in the rain day ending 9 am on the 11th at Achnagart (Ross & Cromarty). Shoreham (West Sussex) recorded 224 mm of rain for the month (compared with an average of about 90 mm).

From Durham University Observatory

Despite three cold days at the end of the month, this was still the 5th mildest November on record, a touch warmer than last year but just a bit cooler than November 2020.

The night of 11th November is the warmest on record for the month (14.4 °C), easily beating the previous record-holder, 11th November 2015 (13.7 °C); only three days were warmer this month! That night was followed by a maximum of 16.9 °C, the 9th warmest November day since 1843. There was the 3rdhighest mean grass minimum for November since 1874, exceeded only in 2011 and 2021, with 7 fewer ground frosts than usual. It was a wet month and, whilst nowhere near as the record holder 1965 (186.1 mm), it was nevertheless the equal 19th wettest November since 1850. Not surprisingly, it was a dull month, the equal 19th dullest November since 1880.

For autumn as a whole, this was the fourth warmest on record (11.3 °C), beaten only in 2011, 2021 and 2006. The mean maximum temperature (14,5 °C) is the 5th highest on record whilst the mean minimum (8.1 °C) is 2nd equal highest. There were just 4 air frosts, 7 fewer than normal and just 5 ground frosts, 12 fewer than normal, the 2nd lowest autumn total on record. The minimum on the night of 11th November is the equal 4th highest for autumn, remarkable for so late in the year. It was a wet autumn (292.6 mm), 150% of the average, the 11th wettest autumn on record. There were 65 rain days, the 5th highest autumn total. The sunshine total (298.4 hours) was just 24 minutes below the average!

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Durham University

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