2013 Yearly Summary

For the year as a whole, the mean air temperature was 9.0°C, ranking equal 134th in 164 years. Whereas the 12-month running mean was only 8.2°C at the end of March, temperatures recovered well thereafter. 2013 was another wet year. The total of 764.6mm is the 23rd wettest year on record at Durham since 1850. In terms of all possible 12-month totals (n=1957), 2013 was the 330th highest total, well into the top quartile therefore. As noted earlier, the 12-month total to March 2013 was the highest for any 12-month period on record (1143.8mm) and, whilst the calendar year 2013 was drier than 2012, it was still well above average. Not surprisingly, the combined total (1797.6mm) for 2012 and 2013 is the highest for two consecutive calendar years combined at Durham since records began in 1850, beating 2011/12 and before that 1930/31. There were only 164 rain days despite the high total. In contrast there were a number of notable wet days: 10 days with 15mm or above and 4 days with 25mm or above. Only 7 years since 1850 have had more than 4 days above 25mm, most recently 2012 and before that 2000. Finally, in terms of sunshine, 2013 was another dull year, just a few more hours than the previous year. It ranked only 36th in a 131-year record.


Professor Tim Burt
Department of Geography
Durham University


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