Winter Chills : The Great Winters of 1947 and 1963 in the UK

This is archived content that used to be on the Met Office website, but isn’t anymore so I decided to resurrect it for posterity, adding my own comments and adaptions. It’s a page to refer to when people talk about the harsh winters of 1946-47 and 1962-63, the two UK winters that are used as … Read more

County Durham battles Snow and Freezing Winter Weather – January 18th 2018

Snow covers Durham City in January 2018

Gritters and Snowploughs battle to keep County Durham roads open Teams across County Durham have been working hard to ensure life in the county is disrupted as little as possible despite snow, ice and freezing temperatures. Gritters and snowploughs were in action last night on all the county’s priority one routes, in addition to priority … Read more

Enormous waves batter Seaham and Sunderland – 13th January 2017

Fantastic footage from the storm surge that hit the East Coast of County Durham on 13th January 2017. The waves almost completely engulfed the harbour wall. Video by Jack Turton. Here’s more footage from Seaburn near Sunderland. The sea actually looks like it’s boiling. This footage from Mrs Doyle goes fishing.