La Crosse Technology WD 9520 Weather Station France Black/Silver

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The is also a fully equipped and reliable WD9520 weather station from La Crosse Technology is the best way of boosting funds the climatic conditions in real time to see.The weather station includes a it + Wireless Technology and shows predictions for the Nä


  • Announces the time and date via radio signals from Star Veka “
  • Alarm alarm clock with snooze function (snooze)
  • With battery status display or wall hang
  • Weather forecast with 36 symbols of the day and the next 3 days, with detail of the forecast of quarter of the day: morning (6 to 12 hours), afternoon (12 – 18: 00), (18 – 24 H) and evening (24 – 6H)
  • Text running weather station, retailers the forecast weather choice (63 embroidered phrases)
  • Display for your choice: detail with quarter Days (Morning, Noon, Evening and Night), to the current day and the next 3 days, either light of the weather forecast display of the current day and the next 3 days, or display operating light for day of the progress and the 3 days
  • Indoor temperature in ° C from flashing 9.9 °C ° C Resolution: 0.1 °C, it is all 15 seconds
  • Outdoor temperature in ° C batteries type C IEC LR14 resolution: 0.1 °C is all 4 seconds thanks to the it + technology
  • Humidity outside in% RH Sensor Schweiz high definition of 1% to 99% Resolution: 1% accuracy: ± 3% is all 4 seconds thanks to the it + technology
  • Transmission distance: 100 m (in open field) frequency: 868 MHz
  • ‘Alarm of Storm, when the wind is greater than or equal 62 km/h (Mark 8 to level of Beaufort)
  • Contrasting LCD, can be adjusted from 0 to + 7 adjusts on part of the table or on the wall
  • Station Dimensions: 146 x 34.7 x 146 mm
  • Power supply Station: 2 x LR14 1.5 V
  • Dimensions exterior sensor: 38.2 x 128.3 x 21.2 mm
  • Power supply exterior sensor: 2 x AA, IEC LR6
  • Measurement units with a coverage of 98% of the total population. Which means that this model does not work in Corsica type). Please confirm the blanket of your place works in the the following receptions it possible.