SloKey Skyways 40070 Telescope for Astronomy


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SloKey Skyways 40070 Telescope

Product Description

Slokey SkyWays 40070 Telescope

“Entering the world of night sky observation for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. Telescopes that are too complex, their features difficult to understand and complicated accessories make the process of getting started in astronomy far too involved.

A balance between cost and performance is one of the most important aspects to consider before buying any astronomical telescope. The Slokey SkyWays 40070 telescope accomplishes exactly that: it’s affordable for a high-quality telescope.

The Slokey Skyways 40070 is a practical and quick to mount telescope, with clear and easy to follow instructions even a 10-year-old child can follow. And its optical capabilities are high quality for the money, making it a good telescope to start observing celestial bodies such as the Moon and the other planets.”

What makes the Skyways 40070 ideal for any beginning astronomer and children? These are the main reasons :

  • The visual resolution and optical capabilities are top-notch for the money.
  • The assembly is easy for beginners and even for children as young as 10 years.
  • The Slokeys Skyways 40070 telescope has an aperture of 70 mm and a focal length of 400 mm, which results in accurate and high-resolution images.
  • It includes all the necessary accessories to start using the telescope straight away.
  • It is compact and portable.



See why the SkyWays Telescope 40070 is the best rated product in telescopes…

Slokeys Telescope User Reviews

Review 1

“Excellent Viewing Capabilities: I bought this telescope for a teenager and it’s perfect for any beginner that wants to study the planets or even wildlife. It’s really easy to assemble with great viewing capabilities and is able to magnify up to 120 times with its high quality optical lens.

It comes with a really handy phone adaptor which allows you take pictures or videos with your smartphone through the telescope. The telescope is very easy to set up and use and it provides clear views of the moons craters as you can see from the pictures. You can use the pan handle to move the telescope to different angles and it is able to rotate 360° and it can also be moved vertically on the mount.

Both the telescope and the tripod are made from lightweight aluminium so it is easy to move to other viewing areas if you need to. The eye pieces are also interchangeable to enable you to obtain the perfect view. The telescope represents excellent value for the high quality and viewing capabilities.

It comes complete with an adjustable tripod, phone adaptor, two eye pieces, 3 barlow lens, 45º Diagonal Prism, scope finder, carry case and full instructions. I fully recommend this fully functional telescope.”

Review 2“Fantastic product, great value: Amazing product for the cost. Clarity and zoom are amazing. My daughter, who got it for her birthday, loves it immensely and is looking forward to some stary night’s. Very pleased.”

Review 3

“Easy to use and set up: This is my first telescope and although I have wanted one for a while I don’t know much about them and found the reviews on this one a great help. I have used it a few times when we have actually had a clear night and it is great, easy to use and manoeuvre, all packs away neatly into the provided carry bag and a great quality product.

Taken a couple of photos with the phone adaptor too and they came out great. Highly recommend this to anyone who wants to make a start star gazing” 

Review 4

“Good for a beginner: We bought this as a beginner to astronomy. It is easy to set up and provides clear views of the moon. The small bag inside is handy for carrying all the smaller parts. The mobile phone attachment provides good photo opportunities but takes a little while to get the hang of. Happy with the purchase.”

Review 5

“Nice first telescope: Bought this as a first telescope for my husband and myself. Easy to set up with clear instructions. Easy to use. Looking forward to lots of stargazing.”

Review 6

“Very impressed: Took me a little while to decide which telescope to buy, but I’m pleased I went for this one. Easy to set up and was very impressed with the pictures that I took using the phone adapter.”


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SloKey Skyways 40070 Telescope – Super Powerful Astronomical and Terrestrial Telescope – Ideal for Children and Beginners to Observe the Moon and Nearby Planets – #1 in Sales

astronomy telescope

The Best Astronomy Initiation Telescope – Super Powerful, Lightweight and Portable… PLUS… You get our Phone Adapter Pro INCLUDED as a gift


SloKey Skyways 40070 Telescope


The Slokey 40070 telescope has the right cost for the good quality it provides you. The telescope assembly is simple and easy for anyone with little or no prior knowledge. The instructions include illustrations at each step of the assembly to help clarify any text. The telescope body, accessories and tripod are lightweight and fit comfortably in the included case for easy transport.

A 3x Barlow lens and two eyepieces (25 mm and 10 mm) offer different magnification levels. The maximum power is 120x and will provide you with clear images of the moon, the planets and stars from afar. In addition, it includes a phone adapter to take photos and videos. The telescope is also practical to use for nature and animal observation.

MOST IMPORTANT FEATURES of the SloKey Skyways 40070 Telescope:

  • Quick Assembly… The first time it is mounted it usually takes 10-20 minutes. With a little practice, it will take less than 5 minutes. The instructions detail each step with illustrations to make assembly quick and easy.
  • Cost – Quality… The affordability of the Slokey 40070 telescope makes it the ideal choice for beginners looking for a telescope that meets a good quality to cost ratio.
  • Simplicity and Convenience… The eyepieces are easily exchanged, and the focusing wheel uses a system that allows an easy and precise adjustment to produce a sharp image. The special tripod design simplifies the confusing process of tracking celestial objects.
  • Optical Quality… The Slokey 40070 can reach a maximum magnification of 120x. The lenses are treated with an FMC (“Full Multiple Coating”) coating and composed with a green layer that helps increase the brightness of celestial objects.
  • Unbeatable protection… You’ll receive two years of telescope protection that ensures exceptional quality and durability, and 30-day return protection for any reason so you can buy it without risk.



  • Improve the stability… The tripod is light so that it is easy to carry. We recommend that when using the telescope you hang a bag with some weight on the tripod to improve its stability (more details about this in the manual).
  • Sit down to be more comfortable… For astronomical observations, we recommend that you sit on a chair or stool to be more comfortable. You can adjust the height of the tripod and turn the diagonal prism to the side where you are sitting.


The best astronomical telescope for a starter, with the best performance available today. You will get quality, functionality and reliability in every aspect of this telescope…

Offering you the best experience you can get in your introduction to astronomical observation.


The SloKey Skyways 40070 Telescope is more suitable for children and families with kids… But it can fall short for an adult who wants to start in astronomy more “seriously”…

That is why we recommend YOU the Slokey Telescope 50080… An improved version specially designed for Adults… You will get better optical quality and sharpness, a more professional tripod, an extra 6 mm eyepiece, a red dot finder and much more… TheSloKey Skyways 40070 Telescope will be YOUR – BEST – CHOICE

children telescope

Super Powerful – Get up to 120x Magnification – Ideal for Getting Started in Astronomy

Get the perfect telescope to start in astronomy… You will get an adjustable power of 16x, 40x, 48x and 120x magnification to adapt the telescope to any situation you need and get maximum detail.

  • With 16x magnification you can easily find celestial objects like the moon.
  • With 40x and 48x you will begin to see with considerable detail.
  • With 120x magnification you will get the perfect power to see accurately.


If you are looking for a better quality telescope to get into astronomy we recommend our Telescope 50080 that will give you a clearer and more powerful vision, as well as a professional tripod and much more…

children telescope

Super Powerful

telescope for kids

Optical Quality

kids telescope

Adapter Included

astronomical telescope for kids

Perfect Gift

Want A More Professional Telescope? Try our Slokey Skyways Telescope 50080… Better Optics, More Power, Professional Tripod and Much More…

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Astronomical Telescope Recommended by Experts to Beginners – Super Powerful, Robust and Portable… Ideal for Beginners in Astronomy


“Great telecopy for those of us who are just starting out: I bought this Slokey telescope because it is always ready to take it out and start looking in less than two minutes. This telescope is powerful enough to see the moon in great detail, Jupiter and Saturn (the rings are visible). It is also good for Messier’s larger and brighter objects like the Andromeda and the Orion Nebula. It is a 10 by 10 telescope to start with astronomy, has a stable tripod and good eyepieces.”

“Very good telescope, easy for beginners with professional precision: The telescope came to me very quickly, well packed, and I mounted it 100% in less than 15 minutes. I’m a newbie astronomer with ambition to learn more, so I decided to look for a telescope that would suit both near and distant objects. I have achieved very precise views of small craters on the moon with the 6mm eyepiece and the Barlow 3x lens together, it is a little more difficult to find the exact focus as you increase the magnification, but with patience and practica you can get a clear image using the maximum power. As for the tripod, I have not had any problems, it is of robust construction, especially when the tray is mounted between the 3 legs. I recommend it, it has exceeded my expectations.”– Angela, verified purchase.


  • Optical Quality and Sharpness… With an 80 mm aperture, this telescope will give you sharper, more detailed images than a 70 mm one… PLUS… The lenses are treated with an FMC coating and composed of a green layer that helps increase the brightness of celestial objects.
  • Better Quality Tripod… You will get a more professional and robust tripod to improve stability, offering you easier and more comfortable use of your telescope and better resolution images.
  • 6 mm Eyepiece Included… You will also get our 6 mm 62º Pro Aspherical Eyepiece… valued at 20 pounds… to give you a higher magnification needed to see the deep sky.
  • Red Dot finder… Very Easy To Use…. Our red dot finderscope QuickFinder will be much easier and faster to use than the conventional finder included in other similar telescopes… allowing you to mount your telescope faster without wasting time aligning the finder.


Get your ideal telescope TODAY to get started in astronomy.

Got any questions? You can ask our experts they will help you asap.

  • EUROPEAN COMPANY WITH 96% SATISFIED CUSTOMER RATING – YOU GET A 2-YEAR WARRANTY – Get a 2-year warranty with your Slokey Astronomical Telescope that ensures you exceptional quality and durability giving you years of enjoyment… Tested by thousands of satisfied customers, YOU are guaranteed to love them… BUY TODAY WITHOUT RISK AND SAVE!
  • #1 BEST SELLER TELESCOPE ON AMAZON SPAIN – IDEAL FOR KIDS, BEGINNERS AND ADULTS – Get the #1 selling telescope on Amazon Spain… Perfect for both astronomical and terrestrial observation… SUPER powerful to observe every detail but lightweight, compact and portable… Really Easy-To-Use even for Kids. You will also be able to take pictures with our FREE phone adapter included as a gift for you and your children to enjoy even more of the telescope… GET THE #1 TELESCOPE IN AMAZON NOW!
  • EXCEPTIONAL OPTICAL QUALITY – #1 FOR QUALITY / PRICE – YOU will get incredible clarity and luminosity with crisp, sharp and bright images thanks to its excepcional optical… PLUS you also get a SUPER powerful telescope lens in a compact, portable and quick to assemble so you can easily see the Moon and the nearest Planets… it’s easy to use even for KIDS… This telescope will be the perfect gift for any kid or adult beginner… Don’t wait any longer and TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFER.
  • GET UP TO 120X POWER WITH SUPERIOR OPTICAL PERFORMANCE LENS – You will get 2 eyepieces, 10mm and 25mm, that will provide you incredible views of celestial objects during the night and terrestrial objects during the day… YOU will also get a 3x Barlow lens that will give you 3 times more power… Offering you an adjustable power of 16x, 40x, 48x and 120x to adapt your telescope to any situation… Get the telescope YOU deserve today… 9 out of 10 people who have tried it would recommend it.
  • LOOKING FOR A MORE PROFESSIONAL TELESCOPE? This Telescope 40070 is more suitable for children and families with kids… But it can fall short for an adult who wants to start in astronomy more “seriously”… That is why we recommend YOU the Slokey Telescope 50080… An improved version specially designed for Adults… You will get better optical quality and sharpness, a more professional tripod, an extra 6 mm eyepiece, a red dot finder and much more… The Telescope 50080 will be YOUR – BEST – CHOICE

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