SloKey Skyways 40070 Telescope for Astronomy

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Telescope for Astronomy – Portable and Powerful 16x-120x Travel Scope – Easy to Mount and Use – Ideal for Kids and Beginner Adults – Astronomical Telescope for Moon, Planets and Stargazing


About the SloKey Skyways 40070 Telescope

  • OUR EUROPEAN COMPANY HAS MORE THAN 96% SATISFIED CUSTOMERS – High degree of customer satisfaction with astronomy telescopes. Our telescopes are designed for both children and adults, for beginners and professionals. Enjoy the best sky with only the best astronomy telescope in the Amazon catalogue. If you don’t like it, you will be refunded!
  • FLEXIBLE OPTICAL SYSTEM- Combine 2 eyepieces 25mm and 10mm with the included 3x Barlow lens to adapt the power of the Slokey 40070 to many situations. Choose from 16x, 40x, 48x and 120x magnifications for observing the Moon and planets. With a dedicated focal length eyepiece, it will be easier to set the magnification to perfectly suit any observation, plus you can adjust the power and manage the brightness of the images in a pre-optimised way.
  • NO COMMITMENT – The simple design of the Slokey 40070 makes it perfect for easy set-up and for you to enjoy every observing session. The tripod is adjustable and can be used by youngsters as well as adults: the power of the 40070 makes it fun and professional. And thanks to its small size and weight, you can easily take it everywhere.
  • EXCEPTIONAL OPTICAL QUALITY – The 70 mm aperture and 400 mm focal length guarantee a high viewing capacity. The lenses of the Skyways 40070 are treated with FMC technology, which makes the image resolution higher, sharper and brighter than in other telescopes. Observe all the most vivid details of Mars, the Moon, Venus and much more.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL FOR MORE STABILITY AND DURABILITY – The perfect telescope for amateurs who do not want to spend a lot of time on maintenance. The 40070 is made of a robust material, GUARANTEED for 2 years.
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1 review for SloKey Skyways 40070 Telescope for Astronomy

  1. Durham Weather

    Review: SloKey Skyways 40070 Telescope for Amateur Astronomers

    As an avid amateur astronomer, I have had the pleasure of testing the SloKey Skyways 40070 Telescope, and I must say it is a fantastic instrument that can greatly benefit fellow stargazers. Let’s explore the features of this telescope in detail and discuss how each one can enhance the astronomical experience for amateur astronomers.

    Magnification and Aperture:

    The SloKey Skyways 40070 Telescope offers a decent magnification power and aperture size. With a magnification range of 20x to 200x and a 70mm aperture, this telescope enables amateur astronomers to observe celestial objects with clarity and detail. Here’s how these features benefit stargazers:

    Lunar Observations: With the right magnification, this telescope allows for breathtaking views of the Moon’s surface, revealing craters, mountains, and other lunar features in stunning detail.

    Planet Spotting: Amateur astronomers can observe the planets in our solar system, such as Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Venus. The telescope’s magnification brings out the planet’s details, including cloud bands, planetary rings, and even some larger moons.

    Deep-Sky Objects: The aperture size enables the observation of various deep-sky objects, including star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies. While not suitable for detailed observations of faint objects, it provides a good introduction to these celestial wonders.

    Tripod and Mounting System:

    The included tripod and mounting system provide stability and ease of use. This benefits amateur astronomers in the following ways:

    Stability: The tripod ensures a steady base, minimizing vibrations that can blur or distort the observed objects. This stability is crucial for observing at high magnifications or capturing astrophotography.

    Smooth Tracking: The mounting system allows for smooth and controlled movements while tracking celestial objects across the night sky. It helps keep the object centered in the telescope’s field of view, making it easier to study or photograph.

    Optical Quality:

    The SloKey Skyways 40070 Telescope offers decent optical quality, especially considering its affordability. While not on par with high-end telescopes, it still provides clear and enjoyable views of celestial objects.

    Here’s how this benefits amateur astronomers:

    Observation of Bright Stars: The telescope offers crisp views of bright stars, allowing amateur astronomers to appreciate their colors, brightness, and patterns.

    Learning Tool: With its optical quality, the telescope becomes a valuable tool for beginners to explore and learn about the night sky. It helps identify constellations, star patterns, and familiarize themselves with the celestial objects visible to the naked eye.

    Portability and Ease of Setup:

    The SloKey Skyways 40070 Telescope is lightweight and easy to set up, making it a convenient choice for amateur astronomers:

    Outdoor Excursions: Its portability allows for easy transport to dark-sky locations, away from light pollution. This flexibility enables amateur astronomers to explore different observation sites and experience better views of celestial objects.

    Quick Setup: The telescope’s simple setup process ensures that amateur astronomers spend less time assembling and more time observing the night sky.

    In conclusion, the SloKey Skyways 40070 Telescope offers a range of features that can greatly benefit amateur astronomers. With its suitable magnification and aperture, stable tripod and mounting system, decent optical quality, and portability, it serves as an excellent entry-level instrument for exploring the wonders of the night sky.

    Whether observing the Moon, planets, or deep-sky objects, this telescope provides a gateway to the fascinating world of amateur astronomy. Happy stargazing!

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