Shelf Cloud over Durham, 1st July 2015

Picture of Shelf Cloud over Gilesgate, Durham

  This incredible Shelf Cloud, looking like an alien spacecraft from the film “Independence Day” came in over Durham in July 2015. Although it looked very threatening, on this occasion not much rain fell from it. It’s the best example I’ve seen of a Shelf Cloud in the UK. On 1st July 2015, the temperature … Read more

July 2013 Weather in Durham – Very warm. The 2nd warmest month since 1850 in Durham

In contrast to everything that had gone before, it was the warmest July in Durham since 2006 and therefore the second warmest month on record at Durham since 1850. The absolute maximum (28.4°C) on the 9th was the warmest day at Durham since 18th July 2006. Only 5 days had a maximum below 20°C with … Read more

Flooding in Durham, July 2009 [Durham Grand Canyon]

Some of the worst flooding in recent years was experienced in Durham during the very wet July of 2009. The River Wear burst it’s banks in the city and riverside businesses were inundated after more than 2” of rain fell in one day (64.2mm was recorded on the 17th), on top of already saturated  ground. … Read more