Wettest days in Durham

After the heavy rain of 14th August 2023, I set about looking back on days with similar totals in Durham since I started recording here.   The total for 14th August was exactly 30.0 mm, which seems a suitable total to use as a threshold. Here’s what I found: 14th August 2023   30.0mm 17th … Read more

Exploring the Serene Beauty of England’s River Wear

Exploring the Serene Beauty of England’s River Wear Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Northeast England, between the Tyne to the North and the Tees to the South, the River Wear winds its way through stunning valleys, historic cities, and charming countryside. With its rich heritage, diverse wildlife, and tranquil ambiance, the River Wear has … Read more

May 2023 Weather in Durham – Cool and showery at times

May Banner : lambs and sheep

May 2023 starts in showery mood May 2023 started in a showery mood on 1st, with heavy rain and a sharp drop in temperature just after lunch. The thermometer dropped from 15.4 degC at 13:31 to 9.8 degC just an hour later. On 9th there were some very heavy showers, especially around mid-day, yielding 8.6mm … Read more

April 2023 Weather in Durham – Spring on Hold

April banner : umbrella and shower cloud

Outdoor Sensor Failure Unfortunately I experienced a failure of the weather station outdoor sensor this month so I have limited direct statistics. Air pressure and rainfall were still recorded, but outside temperatures and humidity were not available from the 6th April 2023. A new sensor was fitted on 26th April, but it needs to be … Read more