TFA Dostmann AIRCO2NTROL Coach CO2 Monitor


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Those who breathe good air are healthier, more satisfied and can do more. Headaches, dizziness and fatigue can often be caused by elevated levels of CO2 in the air. The TFA AIRCO2NTROL Coach CO2 monitor allows you to control how used up and contaminated the air is in rooms where people are located, e.g. schools, offices or public facilities. Timely and energy-efficient ventilation is needed to ensure healthy room climates. The monitor reveals the current CO2 level of the air in the room as well as temperature, humidity and time on the display. The colour of the display allows for quick evaluation and interpretation of the current CO2 readings. Depending on the setting, the colour of the display changes based on current air quality using traffic light colours (green, orange, red). Alternatively, a red display colour can be used as a visual alarm signal in the event that a certain limit has been exceeded. Further options include choosing a solid colour from seven shades or removing colour completely. The graph allows you to easily read how CO2 levels have developed over the past 24 hours. Power supply via a suitable USB voltage source (e.g. PC, laptop). Comfort zone indicator: the three smileys serve as comfort zone indicators. When the smiling face is displayed, the air quality is optimal. Advantages of the TFA Dostmann’s CO2 monitor AIRCO2NTROL Coach: perfect for monitoring CO2 levels in rooms. CO2 measurement values with 24-hour graphic. Display colour signals different conditions. Time, temperature and humidity display. Power supply via micro USB cable. Technical data: CO2 measuring range: 0 – 9999 ppm. Temperature range: 0 – 50 °C. Humidity measuring range: 1 – 95%. Material: plastic. Timing movement: quartz. Installation: place as appropriate. Energy supply: Micro USB. Dimensions: (L) 105 x (W) 33 x (H) 56 mm. Weight: 93 g. Box contents: CO2 monitor, micro USB cable and operating instructions (English language not guaranteed). TFA Dostmann is a family business headquartered in Wertheim am Main, Germany which specialises in the production of high-quality weather and measurement equipment. It is an industry leader and has already launched over 1,000 products relating to weather, temperature, humidity and time measurement.

  • Carbon dioxide monitor: monitors CO2 concentrations in different spaces that people occupy, e.g. schools, offices, public facilities,
  • Comfort zone indicator: smileys indicate air quality and the display also shows the current temperature and humidity.
  • Display: the display shows current air quality and the backlighting can also be switched off.
  • Graphic display: CO2 measurement values with 24 hour graph for a practical overview of carbon dioxide levels.
  • Power supply: the CO2 monitor is charged via the included micro USB cable.

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