DFENGHUANG New Max 800W 12V / 24V Wind Turbinen Flashlight Generator

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Nominal power: 800 W
Nominal voltage: 12/24 V
Current: 12.5A / 25A
Wind start speed: 1.5 m / s
Nominal wind speed: 13 m / s
Safety wind speed: 45 m / s
Rotating diameter of the wind wheel: 0.8 m
Number of sheets: 5 slices
Generator: three phase AC permanent magnet synchronous generator
Blade material: nylon fiber
Control System: electromagnetic
Lubrication method: filling grease
Working temperature: -40 ℃ -80 ℃

Placement of suggestions: Controller, inverter, battery, Tower and solar panel
Note: The sharps generator must connect the battery before the controller is connected to the controller

Package includes:
1 × 800 W Wind motor

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