Zacro Digital Weather Station


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  • [High-Tech Multi-Function] The weather station not only has thermometers, hygrometers and barometers, but also calendars, moon phases and clocks with dozing functions. The weather station is equipped with the latest data synchronization technology and integrates a high-sensitivity chip, which can automatically measure temperature and humidity with high precision.
  • [LCD Color Display]: 5.12 inches * 3.3 inches large LCD color screen provides you with large numbers, and with a variety of bright color symbols easy to read. The wireless weather station screen displays indoor and outdoor temperature (°C/°F), maximum/minimum humidity, weather forecast, moon phase and real-time/calendar/month/year.
  • [Frost Alarm Function] The weather station can be hung on the wall or placed on the table. In the standard mode, long press the [SNOOZE] key to enter the snooze interval time setting: the default is 5 minutes, minimum 3 minutes, maximum 20 minutes . 3 channels and 2 placement options-press【CHANNEL】key to change channel 1→2→3.
  • [Widely Used]: The weather station is suitable for any desk position or wall hanging, you can put the screen in your home, office, bedroom, nursery or conference room. With good curvature and careful design, it can be given as a gift to your friends.
  • 6 Weather Forecast Modes, 7 Languages]: There are 6 weather forecasts (sunny, cloudy, cloudy, light rain, heavy rain, snow) and weather trend display at the home weather station. The weather station can also be used as an alarm clock and supports 7 optional languages ​​to display working days, including English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Danish and Dutch. The default language is EN (English).

Product Description



1. No time memory function after unplugging!

2. The voice control brightness function is only available when the battery is powered (there is no voice control function when the USB is powered)

3. If the host is out of power, the screen will become darker (you can solve it by changing the battery or plugging in)

4.The sensor can be protected from splashing or light rain but not the heavy rain. To protect it, please place the sensor under the eaves or where it will not be directly exposed to rain.

5. Regarding the language issue, except for the week, which can display seven languages, other content currently only supports English.

6. In order to extend the use time, when you use battery to power the station, the product will activate the backlight function after 8 seconds. When the power supply is insufficient, it will also trigger the 8-second backlight function. It is recommended to use the power supply directly to keep the screen always on. This product must use an adapter above 5V1A.

Main function:


  • Time, month, day and week display
  • Seven languages ​​are displayed on WEEK: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Danish
  • 12/24 hour system selection
  • Temperature display format selection (C/F)
  • Color backlight function
  • 2 groups of alarms, AL1 and AL2
  • RCC format: DCF (optional with DCF or without DCF), WWVB
  • 6-level dynamic weather display (sunny, sunny to cloudy, cloudy, light rain, rainstorm, snowflakes)
  • Indoor temperature working range: 0℃-50℃ (accuracy ±1℃))


Indoor humidity working range: 25%-95% (accuracy ±5%)


  • Outdoor temperature working range: -30℃-60℃ (accuracy ±1℃)


Outdoor humidity working range: 25%-95% (accuracy ±5%)


  • Indoor and outdoor maximum and minimum temperature alarm function
  • RF outdoor temperature and humidity receiving, maximum receiving 3 different channel signals
  • Outdoor transmitter low voltage indication function
  • Moon phase display function (S667B, S667B-BK does not have this function)
  • SNOOZE function (default 5 minutes, minimum 3 minutes, maximum 20 minutes)
  • Low voltage indication
  • Environmental comfort indicator
  • Backlight brightness adjustment (highlight, middle light, off)
  • Battery powered 8 seconds backlight
  • Voice control function


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