Youshiko YC9342 Wireless Weather Station

Youshiko Wireless Weather Station, (Official UK Version/Premium Quality/Clear Display) with Radio Controlled Clock Indoor Outdoor Temperature Thermometer, Humidity Barometric pressure (Tall)


About the Youshiko YC9342 Wireless Weather Station

  • Latest 2022 version, offered by UK Based Company with UK Warrenty & after sales support, Weather forecast with display of weather trend (with animation) and also with Frost ( ice ) Alarm.
  • Radio Controlled clock ( MSF – UK Version ), Automatic time change for Spring & Autumn and automatic time checks. 12/24 h time with Date display
  • Display outdoor & indoor temperature & humidity with min /max Display, Led Blue back light Display.
  • With graphical moon phase and Barometric pressure Display .
  • Up to 3 sensors can be displayed for 3 different locations outdoor or indoor of your choice, 1 ( One ) wireless sensor included, extra YC9311 sensors available separately / Weather proof casing (Please mount this sensor outside in a sheltered place to avoid direct heavy rain and direct sunshine for best results / readings) and for other models visit :
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