Youshiko Weather Station ( Premium Quality / HD Display / Official UK Version ) WiFi Internet Wunderground , Professional 6-in-1


  • Latest 2020 UK Version with UK Warrenty , Latest BTN TRUE BLACK, Full weather information, Wi-fi connection with internet time synchronization, Publish local weather data on weatherUnderground
  • Weather forecast, Indoor / outdoor temperature, humidity , minimum and maximum , comfort indicator, Weather index for outdoor dew-point, wind chill, heat index, beaufort, UV
  • Receive weather data from outdoor Professional 6-in-1 Wireless Sensor , Wind speed & direction, Rainfall Temperature, Humidity & UV
  • Display time, calendar, weekday, moon phase, sunrise & sunset, Buzzer alarm clock with ice pre-alert function, Historical bar chart display for rainfall (past 7-day ), Up to 360° and 16-direction wind direction measurement
  • Supplied with: Main weather station with UK power adaptor: DC 5V 1A , Wireless 6-in-1 outdoor weather sensor ( YC90 ) , Indoor sensor: ( YC80 ), instruction book, Please note: Mounting pole showing in pictures for out door sensor is not included, for full details please have a look at picture no: 2 in the listing..
Why You Need a Home Weather Station
Use a home weather station to monitor your environment, both inside and outside your home, or install one in your greenhouse to help you keep an eye on the conditions in the garden. Home weather stations can bring you all sorts of data on the prevailing conditions: temperature, humidity, time, moon phase, wind speed, rainfall as well as air purity and co2 details.

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