Youshiko YC9386 Weather Station

Youshiko YC9386 Weather Station Official 2022 UK Version (Premium Quality Large LCD HD Colour Changing Display), Professional 5-in-1 Wireless Sensor, Wind speed & direction, Rainfall Temperature, Humidity


About the Youshiko YC9386 Weather Station

  • Latest 2022 , Updated and enhanced UK Version, offered by UK Based Company with UK Warranty & after sales UK service, Radio Control Clock ( MSF / UK Version ) with date & weekday , Self Set Automatically , No manual time setting in UK & Ireland , Fully automatic time Set , You never have to do anything, Automatic time change for Spring & Autumn and automatic time checks.
  • Weather forecast (Sunny, Partially Cloudy, Cloudy, Rainy, Stormy, Snowfall), Indoor temperature, humidity with comfort indicator, dew-point display Outdoor temperature, humidity with wind-chill temperature, heat-index display, Maximum/ Minimum memory records with time date stamps Past 24 hours history data hourly, record Hi / Lo alert settings for temperature & Barometric pressure in relative or absolute readings.
  • 3 Colour Changing Modes (no: 1) 256 different colors LOOP – auto looping ( no: 2) 7 different RAINBOW colours with TRUE BLACK background (no: 3) Colour Changing by outdoor temperature.
  • 5-IN-1 WEATHER SENSOR : Wind speed, Wind direction, Rainfall, Temperature, Humidity ( powered by : 3 x AA Battries Not Included )
  • Complete Weather station comes with : 1 x professional 5-in-1 Sensor / 1 x Console ( Display unit with UK power Supply ), Full Deatils in picture no: 3 in the listing and for other models visit :

Product Description

Youshiko brings to you Weather Station with Radio Control Clock ( MSF UK & Ireland ) and 5-in-1 professional sensor that tells you about the different changes in weather outside, This device gets a stylish design and displays Wind Speed & Direction , Temperature , Humidity & Rainfall,, Weather forecast and time-related details. This weather station gets a True Black LCD Colour Changing display with three modes for backlight colour changing:

1. LOOP: auto-loop between 256 colour

2. Rainbow: Select 7+1 rainbow colour manually

3. Outdoor Temp: colour auto-changed by outdoor temperature.

You receive weather data from 5-in-1 professional (YC1129) via 868 MHz RF transmission. This 5-in-1 sensor gives you the information about temperature, humidity, rain gauge, wind direction and wind speed. You also get a buzzer alarm clock with ice pre-alert function that beeps when the weather is unfavourable outside. The entire system is very easy to use and synchronize which makes it a perfect addition to your home.

Radio Control System

That Ensures Effective Transmission of Data

There are two signal types in Europe. The MSF signal is used within the UK and Ireland and the transmitters are located in Cumbria (UK).

For the rest of Europe, the DCF-77 is used and transmitters are located in about 25km south-east of Frankfurt (Germany).

MSF is Official UK and Ireland Radio Control signal & dedicated standard-frequency and time broadcast that provides an accurate and reliable source of UK civil time.

5-in-1 Outdoor Weather Sensor

The Youshiko weather station gets a durable outdoor sensor unit (YC1129) that displays information about temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind direction and wind speed.

This unit has a range of transmission up to 150m (450 ft) and can withstand unfavourable weather with ease.

Easy Installation with User-Friendly Interface

This weather station is very easy to set up. Once the outdoor unit is installed outside your house, the weather data can be transmitted to the monitor that is very easy to read.

The LCD display allows you to keep an hourly record of the past 24 hours and also set Hi/Low alert setting. It is very easy to read the monitor even in the dark. You get 3 modes for changing the backlight of this display.

A Great Addition to Home or Office

The Youshiko Weather Station is a great addition to homes or offices because of its ability to display minute details about the weather in the surrounding area. The detailed information that you receive from this device allows you to plan in advance and get your work done in a hassle-free and efficient manner.

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