VORSPRUNG 7 in 1 SMART WIFI Weather Station

VORSPRUNG® Best SMART App Weather Station System Display WIFI (7 in 1) 2X Outdoor Wireless Sensors Home,Indoor,Clock,MSF,Temperature,Humidity,Wind Speed-Direction,Rainfall,UV & Solar Radiation (UK)


About the VORSPRUNG 7 in 1 SMART WIFI Weather Station

  • Vorsprung Forecasting – Hygrometer – – 2 WIRELESS SENSORS (Note: Our System comes with 2 External Sensors) 2 x Wind – Rainfall – Sunlight – 2 x Pressure – Temp – Clock – Humidity & Much More…
  • Largest LCD Colour Display Screen – The Vorsprung Weather Station features a 6.7×4.9-inch LCD display with integrated refined liquid crystals for excellent visual quality. The screen is used to display vital information which will allow you to analyse the data produced by the sensors.
  • Accurate Weather Forecasting- Our SMART App weather station includes a high spec rain gauge and digital flow meters to measure liquid-equivalent precipitation. Get real-time weather monitoring and immediate alerts in cases of emergency.
  • 7 IN 1 Outdoor MSF Wireless Sensor – Our 7 in 1 sensor includes Temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, UV and our NEWEST solar radiation.
  • Additional Thermo-Hygrometer Sensors – You can now place your sensors in multiple locations to provide accurate information and produce long term data.
  • WIFI + Weather Underground App – This allows remote access which means you will be able to have access to real time weather conditions, historical data, and alerts on your phone. You can also share your data globally by transferring your data on the Weather Underground Network.
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