Barigo Weather Station : Table Weather Station brass / analog


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Barigo Weather Station featuring Barometer / Thermometer / Hygrometer
Table Weather Station
brass / analog

Features & details
Complete barigo weather station for monitoring temperature, air pressure and humidity.
The barometer has a double diaphragm movement, a very nice gift for lovers of analog technology
The scales are in brass with an acrylic dome covering them for protection.

Made in Germany

Barigo Weather Station featuring Barometer/Thermometer/Hygrometer. The unit is made of brass. The Black Forest watchmaker’s quality can be seen in this superb unit.

The Precision measuring instruments work behind acrylic glass in a elegant design. This product is made from brass. On this columns weather station, you can view all the  important weather features: Temperature, Air Pressure and Air moisture.

Weight: 470 g

Features: Made in Germany.;

Precise measurement and well made, heavy duty; Barigo: For more than 80 years, the brand Barigo is well known for it’s Mechanical anolog industry tradition from the black forest area of Germany.


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