Sainlogic Wireless Weather Station with 3 Outdoor Sensors, Weather Forecast, Colour Display


About the Sainlogic Wireless Weather Station

  • Large colour display: with the professional weather station, you can monitor the weather conditions in your home and in the garden with the brilliant, easy-to-read LCD colour display. Easy to retrieve information about date, time, temperature and humidity, daily alarm and snooze function are also supported.
  • Wireless transmission: the sensors connect to the console via radio and the console connects to your router. Display readings of up to 3 external remote sensors to monitor multiple locations. Sensors have a range of up to 60m in an open area.
  • For more comfort: people spend two thirds of their life indoors. So that we can feel comfortable there, we need a good indoor climate. With the thermo-hygrometer, the room air can be easily monitored, creating a healthy climate.
  • Accurate weather preview: experience the comfort of your personal weather information. The weather station measures outdoor temperature and humidity.
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