Newentor Wireless Weather Station with Outdoor Sensor

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Newentor Weather Station with Wireless Outdoor Indoor Sensor, Color Display, Weather Forecast, Digital Atomic Clock, Barometer, Temperature, Humidity Monitor, for Home Garden Farm


About the Newentor Wireless Weather Station

  • 【Large LCD Screen Display Weather Station】: The color illuminated display provides a perfect overview of the measured values. All important weather information is clear at a glance, such as temperature and humidity or moon phases and weather trends. Note: When view the Moon Phase which is change accoring to the calender. Please make sure setting the correct time zone and date. The moon doesn’t light up during New moon.
  • 【2 Modes of Displaying Indoor and Outdoor Temperature】: The temperature can be switched to either °C or °F when pressing the side button “▲”.This Indoor outdoor weather stations displays time, date, day of the week, measuring inside/outside temperature and humidity with tendency arrows. Indoor measurement temperature range: -9.9 °C(15 °F)to 50 °C(122 °F). Outdoor range:-20 °C(-4 °F)to 60 °C(140 °F/) . As a humidity gauge, outdoor indoor humidity display range: 20%RH~95%RH.
  • 【3-Channel】: The digital weather station is capable of connecting up to 3 channels wireless sensor. The remote sensors offer a transmission range up to 60m which means you can put them inside your backyard, garden or courtyard. Warm tips:There is only 1 remote sensor included. For accurate humiture readings, sensor must not be exposed to rain or direct sunlight.
  • 【Two Power Modes & Brightness-Adjustable Backlight】: It can be powered by a DC adapter (included) or 2*AA battery (not included). The screen will turn off automatically in about 10-15 seconds to save power when using battery power. The screen stays on if you use a power adapter. Screen brightness can be adjusted with the SIXTH button beside the weather station.
  • 【Radio clock and alarm clock】: The current time and date are automatically received via the DCF radio signal. A wake-up alarm always gets you out of sleep at the right time or the snooze function takes 5 minutes. The sise by side indoor/outdoor format of temperature, see all the information while laying on bed and know exactly what to wear before getting up. If there is any problem with this weather station, please contact our customer service and we support 12 months with warranty period.
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1 review for Newentor Wireless Weather Station with Outdoor Sensor

  1. Durham Weather

    As a weather enthusiast, I have thoroughly tested the Newentor Wireless Weather Station, and I must say it is an outstanding choice that surpasses many competitor brands in its category. Let’s dive into the details of this weather station and explore why it stands out, supported by examples and reasoning.

    Comprehensive Weather Monitoring:

    The Newentor Wireless Weather Station provides comprehensive weather monitoring capabilities, allowing you to stay informed about various weather conditions. Equipped with sensors for temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, and rainfall, this weather station offers a holistic view of your local weather conditions.

    For instance, during a recent weather event, I relied on the Newentor Weather Station to track changing conditions. While some competitor brands only provided basic temperature and humidity readings, the Newentor station’s additional sensors allowed me to monitor barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, and rainfall. This comprehensive monitoring capability offers valuable insights into weather patterns, enabling more accurate forecasts and predictions.

    Accurate and Reliable Measurements:

    The Newentor Weather Station is known for its accuracy and reliability in measurements. The sensors deliver precise readings, ensuring that you can trust the data for making informed weather-related decisions.

    During my testing, I compared the Newentor Weather Station’s measurements with local meteorological reports, and I found them to be consistently accurate and aligned. This level of reliability is crucial for weather enthusiasts, as it allows for more precise forecasting and planning of outdoor activities.

    Clear and User-Friendly Display:

    The weather station features a clear and user-friendly display, making it easy to access and interpret weather data. The large, color LCD screen provides clear and legible readings, with adjustable brightness for different lighting conditions.

    Moreover, the intuitive interface allows for effortless navigation between various measurements and screens. Users can easily switch between current and historical data, view trends, and set alarms for specific weather conditions. This user-friendly design enhances the overall experience and ensures that users of all levels can access and understand weather information easily.

    Wireless Connectivity and Smart App Integration:

    The Newentor Weather Station offers wireless connectivity, allowing you to access real-time weather data through a dedicated smart app on your smartphone or tablet. This feature enables you to stay updated on weather conditions from anywhere, even when you’re away from the station.

    For example, while traveling, I could conveniently check the latest weather conditions and receive updates on my smartphone using the Newentor Weather Station’s wireless connectivity and smart app integration. This remote monitoring capability sets it apart from some competitor brands, offering greater convenience and accessibility to weather data.

    Sleek Design and Easy Installation:

    The Newentor Weather Station boasts a sleek and modern design that blends seamlessly with any home or office decor. Its compact size allows for easy installation on a table or mounting on a wall, providing flexibility in positioning.

    During my setup process, I found the Newentor Weather Station’s installation to be quick and straightforward. The station comes with clear instructions, making it easy for users to get up and running in no time. Its sleek design and easy installation make it an attractive option for those seeking both functionality and aesthetics.

    In conclusion, the Newentor Wireless Weather Station is a superior choice for weather enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive, accurate, and user-friendly weather monitoring solution. With its comprehensive sensor suite, accurate measurements, clear display, wireless connectivity, and sleek design, it outperforms many competitor brands. Whether you’re a weather enthusiast, planning outdoor activities, or simply curious about the weather, the Newentor Weather Station will provide you with reliable and valuable weather information.

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