Newentor Weather Station & 3 Outdoor Sensors


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About the Newentor Weather Station & 3 Outdoor Sensors

  • WEATHER STATION WITH 3 OUTDOOR SENSOR: Distribute 3 remotes within 200 feet of your indoor weather station, such as kitchen, bedroom, yard, greenhouse, etc. It will be very easy for you to monitor the temperature and humidity inside and outside from 4 different locations.
  • PRACTICAL REMOTE TRANSMISSIONS: The sensors connect to the weather station via radio, then the outdoor temperature and humidity are determined locally via the radio transmitter and displayed on the base. The sensors have a range of up to 60m in an open area, enough to cover your daily needs.
  • WEATHER FORECASTING STATION: The outdoor digital thermometer weather station calculates the weather forecast for the next 12 hours or so by tracking specific weather-related variables, including changes in temperature, humidity and barometric pressure to generate an accurate custom forecast for your location. The max/min memory is clear to check the weather trend.
  • RADIO CONTROLLED CLOCK & DUAL ALARM CLOCK: The MSF radio controlled clock can be set to open or not. The current time and date are received via the MSF radio signal. Also 2 alarms help you organise your schedule and remind you in time. CREATIVE WRITING LABEL: The temperature and humidity of 4 locations are displayed on screen at the same time, you can use the supplied adhesive labels or write the locations yourself. Easy to read and never make mistake.
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