La Crosse Technology Star WD4601 Weather Station


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With this, you get the weather forecast weather station départementales established by professional meteorologists, at no cost through systems (no subscription). Instant Update. 47 different weather symbols indicate the time for today and the following 3 days · Operation and updating of weather data channels: Cover of the territory Metropolitan 500 stations. Station Dimensions: 30.5 x 112.2 x 40.3. Satellite update of weather forecast for the day and the following 3 days every 4-6 hours to a minimum. Data valid and forwarded to the Metropolitan France (except Corsica). Forecast for your regions. Radio time. Date display (day of the week). Temperature Ext./Int.
Dimensions (L x W x H): 135.4 x 35.3 x 153.9 mm
thermo-hygro sensor hygrométrique Size: 38.2 x 21.2 x 128.3 mm
Additional Technical Data: Time and date through the star Meteo
Hour and minute display
Indoor temperature: -9.9 °C to + 59.9 °C
Outdoor temperature measurement: Temperature measurement refreshes every 5 seconds
Weather forecast: weather forecasts J + 3 to the help of 47 Icons weather
Min/Max temperature display for the day.
Radio frequency: 868 MHz
Measurement range (Indoor temperature): -9.9 °C to 59.9 °C
Outdoor temperature measurement range: -39.9 °C to 59.9 °C
Weight: 500 g
Range (Max.) : 100 metres in an unobstructed environment
Resolution: 0.1 °C
Power supply: 2x AA batteries Sensor, to be ordered separately
Power supply station: 2 x LR14 batteries, to be ordered separately


  • Product description: La Crosse Technology – wd4601 °F-it-mg-s
  • Transmission product type: weather station
  • Outdoor temperature measurement: 135,4 x 35.3 x 153,9 mm Station Power Supply: 2 x 1.5 V type C batteries
  • Dimensions sensor: 38.2 x 21.2 x 128.3 mm power supply: 2 x AA IEC LR6 1.5 V
  • Outdoor temperature measurement range: -39.9 °C to + 59.9 of the population. This means that this model does not work in Corsica and temperature measurement refreshes every 15 seconds. Please double check the coverage in your community on the site to make sure that it will be possible reception.
  • Dimensions: 144 x 58 x 144 mm
  • Automatic radio-controlled time and date using the star Meteo system – alarm on a table or fastened to the wall
  • Power supply: 2x day/date) – Seconds – Indoor temperature – Indoor temperature
  • Weather forecasts using 47 icons weather forecast not know much about 3 days, complete with the expectation quarter of the day: morning (6 to 12 hours), afternoon (12.00pm – 6.00pm), evening (6.00pm – 12.00am) and night (probability of rain expressed as a percentage for the day, and 3 days to come
  • Display: Choose from either drop down display indicate quarters of Days (Morning, afternoon, evening and night), of the current day and the next 3 days, is fixed and scrolling display weather forecast for the quarters of the day ahead, or with the weather forecast by quarter of the day.
  • Indoor temperature measurement: ° C, from – 9.9 °C to + 59.9 °C Resolution: 0.1 °C temperature measurement refreshes every 15 seconds
  • Outdoor temperature measurement: ° C from -39.9 °C to + 59.9 °C Resolution: 0.1 °C temperature measurement refreshes every 4 seconds
  • Indoor hygrometry in% RH from 1 to 99% Resolution: 1% temperature measurement refreshes every 15 seconds

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