Kalawen Weather Station with Outdoor Indoor Sensor


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【High-Tech Wireless Remote Sensor】

Kalawen weather station kit includes an large LCD color display (built-in sensor) and a wireless remote sensor. The wireless home weather station displays real-time weather through monitoring indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity. 6 simple and vivid icons(forecast in next 24 hours): Sunny, Slightly Cloudy, Rainy, Heavy Rainy and Snowy. The remote sensors offer a transmission range up to 60m which means you can put them inside your backyard or garden.

【9 in 1 Weather Station with Scientific Outdoor Sensor】

Outdoor temperature and humidity, weather forecast, indoor temperature and humidity, moon phase and date, alarm and slumber, barometer. Our weather station makes it easier for you to know the weather and get a more comfortable and enjoyable everyday life.

【Private Weather Forecast for You】

Our weather station is not like the weather forecast you see on TV or online. Kalawen weather forecast products feature sensors that collect real-time data right outdoor. They are based on weather stations tracking specific weather-related variables, including changes in temperature, humidity and barometric pressure to generate a forecast with pinpoint accuracy personalized for your location.


The weather instrument also including a digital calendar, time(12/24 hour format), alarm clock & snooze. The snooze function area has a touch button above the LCD display. And there is a USB port on the behind for you to charge your phone or iPad. The mini weather station can be wall mount or table stand.

【Two Power Modes】

Kalawen weather stations can be powered by a 100-240v AC adapter (included) or AA battery (not included). The screen will go out automatically in about 10 seconds to save power when using battery power. The screen stays on if you use a power adapter. Screen brightness can be adjusted with button.

Product Description

Weather Station with Colorful LCD Digital Indoor Outdoor Temperature, Humidity, Date, Alarm Clock for Home Office



  • Ideal for a better life: You can prevent the growth of mold and bacteria in time by being informed of the temperature and humidity of the next 12-24 hours and prepare for the bad weather in the event.
  • Portable and Lightweight: Wall mount or table stand, it won’t take up your space. You can hang it on the wall as an ornament or put it directly on the table to rely on the holders behind. An ideal gift for your parents, family and friends, it is perfect for use by all ages.
  • You are no longer worried about whether you need to bring an umbrella or not, and you can choose the clothes for your children according to the temperature and humidity forecast when you go out.




1. The temperature is displayed in F / C. Just press the “Down” bottom to switch between modes.

2. Indoor temperature ranges: 0 ° C ~ 50 ° C (122 ° F)

3. Remote temperature ranges: -40 ° C ~ 70 ° C

4. Measuring range for indoor and long-range humidity: 20% RH ~ 95% RH

5. Air pressure ranges: 600 Hpa / mb ~ 1100 Hpa / mb / 17.72 inHg ~ 32.50 inHg

6. Package weight: 0.55kg

7. Package size (L x W x H): 23.8 x 23.8 x 5.2 cm / 9.3 x 9.3 x 2 inches

8. Plug input: AC 120-220V / 60Hz / 6W

9. Plug output: DC 5V / 120mA

10. RCC/MSF: Radio clock function (NOT FM RADIO)

11. Perpetual calendar until the year 2099

12. Time in optional 12/24 hour format


1. When the weather station is off, the time and date are reset to their original settings and you must manually reset them. We recommend that you do not switch off your weather station.

2. Distance test weather station and sensor, away from the metal mesh, magnetic field of heavy duty objects. The forecast temperature depends on the air pressure value. If it exceeds ± 3 Hpa within 1 hour, the prognosis value has changed. If not, please adjust the print manually according to your position.

3. If the weather station has not received transmission from the remote sensor (“- -” on the LCD), press and hold the “Down” button for 3 seconds to receive the transmission manually.

4. Press the “MEM” button to display the maximum temperature and humidity for the next 24 hours.

5. After powering on the weather station, it will soon activate RCC function (Radio-controlled automatic time-calibration, abbr. RCC or MSF). During the process, the display screen will automatically turn off to reduce other interference. After the process(in 7 minutes), the screen will light up again. Every night, at 1:00am, 2:00am, 3:00am, it will start RCC. If the reception of RCC signal fails due to signal interference or weak signal, it will start again at 4:00am. If fails again, it will start again at 5:00am. After 5:00am, whether successful or not, it will not automatically start RCC. During the RCC process (in 7 minutes), if you want to light up the screen, please press “SNOOZE”, at the same time RCC will continue. If you want to stop RCC, please press “Up”, RCC will stop and the screen will light up. If you want to activate RCC manually, please hold “Up” for 2-3 seconds, the station will start RCC.

weather station 3388 3383 3390 PT19C 3391 Kalawen Wireless Remote Sensor for Outdoor Temperature Humidity Remote Sensor
Weather Station – 3388 Weather Station – 3383 Weather Station – 3390 Vertical Weather Station Projection Alarm Clock Kalawen Wireless Remote Sensor for Outdoor Temperature Humidity Remote Sensor
Number of Sensors 1 3 1 1 1 1
Projection Function No No No No Yes NO
MSF Function Yes Yes Yes No Yes NO
Size 8in x 5in 6.2in x 4.4in 8in x 5in 3.7in x 6.7in 6.6in x 3.9in 2in x 3.8in
Wake Up 1 alarm clock / snooze (5 min) 2 Sveglia / Snooze (8 min) 1 alarm clock / snooze (5 min) 1 alarm clock / snooze (5 min) 2 Alarm clock / Snooze (5-60 min) NO
Feeding mode Adapter cable / Batteries Adapter cable / Batteries Adapter cable / Batteries Adapter cable / Batteries Adapter cable Batteries
Placement Hanging / Standing Standing Hanging / Standing Hanging / Standing Standing Hanging / Standing
Forecast After 12 hours After 8 hours After 12 hours After 12 hours After 12 hours NO
Transmission distance with remote sensor 60m 60m 60m 100m 60m 60m
Information displayed Temperature / Humidity / Air pressure / Weather / Time / Calendar Temperature / Humidity / Air pressure / Weather / Time / Calendar Temperature / Humidity / Air pressure / Weather / Time / Calendar Temperature / Humidity / Air pressure / Weather / Time / Calendar Temperature / Humidity / Air pressure / Weather / Time / Calendar Temperature / humidity

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