Kalawen ‎20A-UK Weather Station with One Wireless Outdoor Sensor


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About the Kalawen 20A-UK Weather Station

  • Upgraded Design Kalawen weather station is a large LCD screen display weather station: the color illuminated display weather station provides a perfect overview of the measured values. All important weather information is clear at a glance, such as calendar, alarm clock,pressure, temperature and humidity or moon phases and weather forecast. Note: When view the Moon Phase which is change accoring to the calender. Please make sure weather station setting the correct time zone and date.
  • 2 Modes of Display Indoor & Outdoor Temperature The temperature can be switched to either °C or °F. Indoor measurement temperature range: -9.9 °C(14.2 °F)to 50 °C(122 °F). Outdoor range:-40 °C(-4 0°F)to 70 °C(158 °F) . As a humidity gauge, outdoor indoor humidity display range: 20%RH~99%RH.Air pressure measurement range: 800 ~ 1100 hPa. Supported air pressure unit: hPa/mb/ inHg/ mmH.
  • 3 Channel Temperature & Humidity Kalawen digital weather station is capable of connecting up to 3 channels wireless sensor. The remote sensors offer a transmission range up to 60m which means you can put them inside your backyard, garden or courtyard. Warm tips:There is only 1 remote sensor included. For accurate humiture readings, sensor must not be exposed to rain or direct sunlight.
  • Radio function & Alarm Clock Kalawen weather station by receive MSF radio signal to automatically update the current time. Personalized alarm clock, can be set to ring everyday or only on weekdays/ weekends. A wake-up alarm always gets you out of sleep at the right time or the snooze function takes 5 minutes.
  • Two Power Modes & Three Brightness Adjustable Backlight Kalawen weather station can be powered by a DC adapter (included) or 2*AA battery (not included). Weather stations screen will turn off automatically in about 10-15 seconds to save power when using battery power. The weather station screen stays on if you use a power adapter. Screen brightness can be adjusted with the SNOOZE/LIGHT touch button top the weather station.
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