Froggit WH3000 SE (2018) Wireless Weather Station


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Froggit WH3000 SE (2018) Profi radio weather station

WiFi Internet weather station color display, Wunderground.

The Froggit WH3000 SE is our Best Selling Weather Station by far. It has the benefit of not needing a PC to communicate with, whilst still allowing the data to upload direct to Weather Underground using it’s built in WiFi capabilities. All the setup is handled using an Android or Apple IOS app. If you need or prefer the PC connectivity, the next model up, can handle that. See the Froggit page at Amazon for more details and options.

The Froggit WH3000 is very easy to setup, but care must be taken when siting the base station as it can lose connection with the sensors if there are too many walls in between the two. It may need some trial and error to get the best connectivity. The maximum stated distance between the sensor and base station is 100m, but the workable range is likely to be less.

The actual display screen on the Froggit WH3000 is clear and bright, with each section being a different colour, making it very pleasing to read. The base station doesn’t come with a dedicated UK plug, it needs an adapter (similar to that need for an electric razor).

Mounting the Froggit WH3000 weather station requires attaching it to a suitable pole which isn’t included with the package. A 2” scaffold pole seems to be a popular choice for the pole mounting – the clip allows adjustment between about 1-2”. Once mounted, the instrument head must be aligned with magnetic north. This must be done manually, but can easily be achieved using a compass with minor adjustments.

The remote sensors are solar powered, the inset solar panel recharging the AAA batteries which then take over powering the instruments once it gets dark.

The Froggit WH3000 SE Weather Station is highly recommended for the observer needing to upload readings whilst keeping the cost down.

Note : Due to current supply problems with Froggit equipment from Europe, we recommende you look at the Sainlogic Range

Froggit WH3000 SE (2018) Weather Station Features

  • The Froggit WH3000 SE Weather Station is our new member in the network of WiFi weather stations. It combines the latest weather measurement technology with state-of-the-art technology. Thanks to the built-in WiFi module, your local weather data becomes global. You can upload your weather data to weather servers like Weather Underground in real-time. Thanks to the Internet connection, you have an overview of your weather data around the world.
  • You do not need a PC for the Froggit WH3000 SE because all data is displayed directly on the full color display. In addition, there is now a Froggit WH3000 SE setup app, as a result, you can set up the weather station step by step. It’s that easy!
  • The newly designed outdoor unit measures the outside temperature, the relative humidity, the solar radiation, the UV value, the precipitation, the wind speed and the wind direction (updated calculation every 16 sec.) And sends all measured data to the display unit.
  • The Froggit WH3000 display unit has a built-in thermo-hygrometer, which continuously measures the internal temperature, the relative humidity and the air pressure. All collected data are analyzed automatically, giving you a weather forecast. Also the rain rate, the dew point as well as trends for the air pressure, the indoor temperature and the humidity.
  • Overview of the Froggit WH3000 features: Large, easy-to-read full-color display (15.7 x 7.6 cm), “All In One” wireless outdoor unit with integrated thermo-hygrometer in the new Y design (temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, Sunlight) – Built-in WiFi module in the display unit – Android / IOs app for simple WiFi setup and transmission to the weather server (Wunderground) – Data transmission in real time to the weather server (Wunderground)

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