Eno GR Storm Glass Weather Station

Eno GR Storm Glass Weather Stations Water Drop Weather Predictor Creative Forecast Nordic Style Decorative Weather Glass (XL-1)


About the Eno GR Storm Glass Weather Station

  • Storm Glass Dimensions:3.74 in X 7.48 in
  • DIY Creative Decoration-Its wooden base allows customization for any occasion! Engrave your loved one’s name, a design, or best wishes onto it! The ever-changing patterns make for a gorgeous decoration, a spectacle for all to see with its unique minimalist décor! Guests will love this art piece lighting up the room with its contoured glass and edgy wooden base design.
  • Weather Forecast Partner– GR cloud storm glass weather forecast station has the ability to transform into multiple physical states, from clear to cloudy to crystal flakes, all based on the weather patterns of your day-to-day life! The clear glass ornament is the new natural way to predict the weather in real time, creating stunning patterns for everyone’s enjoyment!
  • Gorgeous Decorative Centerpiece– Captivate the room with the elegant design of BLUE STORM’S Storm Glass! Its unique tear drop shape and wooden base make for a great center piece in any living room, bedroom,study , kitchen, office, bar, restaurant, or hotel room! With its minimalistic design
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