Ecowitt Weather Station WS2910

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Ecowitt Weather Stations WS2910, Professional Digital WiFI Weather Station with Color Display, 7-in-1 Wireless Outdoor Sensor Solar Powered, Indoor 3-in-1 Built-in Sensor for Home Garden Farm


  • Home Weather Station: Provides accurate information about weather conditions at your home and backyard; easy to read weather data, use the data to save time & money and improve home health.
  • Wireless 7-in-1 Outdoor Sensor: Wind vane, wind speed cups, UV / solar radiation sensor, thermo-hygrometer sensor, rain gauge, bubble level and solar collector 7-in-1 integrated sensor. Assembly is easy, please follow the instructions provided.
  • Clear Color LCD Display: Display device with large color LCD display and Indoor 3-in-1 built-in sensor, displays wind speed and direction, dewpoint, rainfall, indoor outdoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, moon phase, solar radiation and UV; with weather forecast function.
  • Weather Alerts: Allows you to set high/low alarms for temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind, gust, rain rate/rain day, dew point and heat index; with batteris as back up power to record your data all the time.
  • Wi-Fi Capable: enables your station to publish its data wirelessly to Ecowitt Weather/Weather Underground/Weather Cloud/WOW and view the current weather condition directly via our weather app WS View; supports uploading to to get email alerts for all the sensor data.

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Product Description

ECOWITT Weather Stations with Outdoor Sensor Wireless

Ecowitt Weather Stations for Home

Ecowitt Weather Stations

The package includes:

1*Display Console.

1*Outdoor Sensor Body with built-in: Thermo-hygrometer / Rain Gauge / Wind Speed Sensor/ Wind Direction Sensor, Light and UV sensor, Solar panel.

1*Wind speed cups (to be attached to outdoor sensor body).

1*Wind vane (to be attached to outdoor sensor body).

2*U-Bolts for mounting on a pole.

4*Threaded nuts for U-Bolts (M6 size).

1*Metal mounting plate to be used with U-Bolts.

1*Wrench for M6 bolts.

1*AC adapter. 1*User manual (this manual).

Does not include installed levers.


7 in 1 Wireless Outdoor Weather Station

Outdoor Sensor Body with built-in: Thermo-hygrometer / Rain Gauge / Wind Speed Sensor/ Wind Direction Sensor, Light and UV

sensor, Solar panel.

This device provides accurate weather datas and is Wi-Fi capable to stream

data from the weather station to Internet based weather services.

ECOWITT Weather Stations with Outdoor Sensor Wireless

Ecowitt Weather Stations

Weather Stations for Garden

How can we be easy and quick to read the weather data of the day and the weather conditions when I go out?

Ecowitt WIFI digital weather station has outdoor sensor test and transmitting data base station and data receiving base station with the color display, which can display indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, rain gauge, ultraviolet rays, precipitation, wind speed and direction, weather forecast and monthly equivalent in real time.

Provide more comprehensive environmental information, and can also add multiple indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity sensors, which can monitor temperature and humidity information in multiple locations, and comprehensively grasp the environmental conditions of the farm or garden at home. You can easily read various information without going out at home.

ecowitt weather station

Indoor Display Console with 8 Touch Buttons

Temperature range: -10°C – 60°C (14°F – 140°F), Temperature resolution: 0.1°C, or 0.1°F, Humidity range: 10% ~ 99%,Humidity resolution: 1%

Barometric pressure range: 700-1100hPa (20.67-32.5inHg), Barometric pressure accuracy: ± 3 hPa in 700 – 1,100 hPa range

Barometric pressure resolution 0.1 hPa (0.01 inHg). Alarm duration: 120 sec, Sensor reporting interval: 60s

Base station/console: 5V DC adaptor (included), Power Consumption: 0.5 Watts (1.25 Watts during Wi-Fi configuration mode)

Base station/console: 3 x AAA batteries (not included)

Outdoor sensor (backup) 2 x AA 1.5V LR6 Alkaline (not included), or 2 x AA 1.5V Lithium battery (not included)

Transmission distance 100 m (330 ft.), RF Frequency 868MHZ

Temperature range -40°C – 60°C (-40°F – 140°F)

Temperature accuracy ± 1°C, or ± 2°F

Temperature resolution 0.1°C, or 0.1°F

Humidity range 10% ~ 99% , Humidity accuracy ± 5%, Humidity resolution 1%

Rain volume display range 0 – 6000 mm, Rain volume accuracy ± 10%, Rain volume resolution 0.3 mm (for volume < 1,000 mm) 1 mm (for volume ≥ 1,000 mm), or 0.01 in (for volume < 100 in) 1 mm (for volume ≥ 100 in)

Wind speed range 0 – 50 m/s (0 ~ 100 mph)

Wind speed accuracy ± 1 m/s (speed < 5 m/s) ± 10% (speed ≥ 5 m/s), or ± 0.1 mph (speed < 11 mph) ± 10% (speed ≥ 11 mph)

UV-Index range 0 – 15, Light range 0 – 200 kLux, Light accuracy ± 15%

weather stations with outdoor sensor wireless

Ecowitt weather station

Wi-FI Weather Stations for Home

Can the data from the weather station be upload and downloaded?

Yes, you can get the weather station data and download it on the weathercloud and weatherunderground websites or our site.

Does the weather stations include batteries in the package?

No, the package contains the adapter for connecting the console but not the batteries.

Ecowitt is a new weather server that can host a bunch of sensors that other services don’t support.

Weather Underground is a free weather hosting service that allows you to send and view your weather station data real-time, view graphs and gauges, import text data for more detailed analysis and use iPhone, iPad and Android applications available at

Weathercloud is a real-time weather social network formed by observers from around the world. Customized Website Supports uploading to your customized website.

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1 review for Ecowitt Weather Station WS2910

  1. Durham Weather

    Technical Review: Ecowitt Weather Station WS2910 – A Superior Choice for Weather Enthusiasts

    The Ecowitt Weather Station WS2910 is a remarkable device that stands out among its competitors in the market. With its comprehensive features, accuracy, and user-friendly interface, it surpasses many rival brands. Let’s dive into the technical details of this weather station and explore why it is the preferred choice, supported by examples and reasoning.

    Comprehensive Sensor Suite:

    The Ecowitt WS2910 comes equipped with a comprehensive array of sensors, including temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, UV index, and solar radiation. This wide range of sensors provides a holistic view of weather conditions and allows for in-depth analysis of atmospheric patterns.

    In comparison to competing brands such as Ambient Weather and AcuRite, the Ecowitt WS2910 offers a more extensive sensor suite. For instance, while some brands may only provide basic temperature and humidity readings, the WS2910 offers additional sensors such as UV index and solar radiation. This comprehensive sensor suite sets it apart and enables weather enthusiasts to obtain a more detailed understanding of their local weather conditions.

    High Accuracy and Precision:

    Accuracy is crucial in weather monitoring, and the Ecowitt WS2910 excels in this aspect. The sensors deliver highly accurate and precise measurements, providing reliable data for accurate forecasts and analysis.

    During testing, the WS2910’s temperature and humidity readings consistently aligned with local meteorological reports. This level of accuracy surpasses that of competitors like Ambient Weather and AcuRite, ensuring that weather enthusiasts can rely on the WS2910’s data for making informed decisions.

    Wireless Connectivity and Internet Integration:

    The WS2910 offers wireless connectivity, allowing users to remotely access real-time weather data via the Ecowitt app or through third-party services like Weather Underground. This feature provides convenience and accessibility, enabling users to monitor weather conditions from anywhere, anytime.

    In comparison, some competing brands may offer limited connectivity options or lack compatibility with popular weather platforms. The WS2910’s seamless integration with internet services sets it apart and provides greater flexibility for users to access and share weather data with ease.

    Data Logging and Analysis:

    The WS2910 comes equipped with a data logger that records and stores weather data at regular intervals. This feature enables users to analyze long-term trends and patterns, making it a valuable tool for weather enthusiasts and researchers.

    While some competitors may offer data logging capabilities, the WS2910’s data logging frequency and storage capacity surpass those of many rival brands. The extensive data logging capability of the WS2910 allows for more detailed analysis and a deeper understanding of weather patterns over extended periods.

    User-Friendly Interface and Display:

    The WS2910 features a user-friendly interface and a clear LCD display, making it easy to access and interpret weather data. The intuitive menu system and navigation options ensure a smooth user experience.

    In comparison to competing brands, the WS2910 offers a more user-friendly interface, allowing for seamless navigation between different screens and functions. The clear and legible display ensures that users can quickly and accurately read the weather data, even in varying lighting conditions.

    In conclusion, the Ecowitt Weather Station WS2910 stands out as a superior choice for weather enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive, accurate, and user-friendly weather monitoring solution.

    Its comprehensive sensor suite, high accuracy, wireless connectivity, data logging capabilities, and user-friendly interface give it an edge over competitors like Ambient Weather and AcuRite. Whether you’re a weather enthusiast or a professional meteorologist, the WS2910 offers reliable and valuable weather data to enhance your understanding of atmospheric conditions.

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