Bresser 7002570 Weather Station


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This BRESSER PC weather station with a 6-in-1 outdoor sensor combines a modern display with a full weather information display. The weather station can be connected to your PC via USB cable, so that you always have all weather data at hand. You can even share your locally collected weather data via weather data exchange web services. The weather station includes a compact 6-in-1 multi-function outdoor sensor that you can install and set up almost anywhere with the included mounting material. The outdoor sensor and base station are battery operated (batteries not included) or via USB cable (base station only). The 6-in-1 multi-sensor with 150 m transmission range, always provides precise measurements for the temperature inside and outside, the wind speed, wind direction, air pressure and the UV measurement to the weather station. You can monitor the numerous measurements on the display of the weather station with LED backlight. The station also displays other readings, such as the humidity and precipitation on the clear display. For those who also want to know information about the moon, the weather station displays the different phases of the moon. In addition to the extensive measurement values, the station also has a history data display that allows you to read past weather data. The weather station also provides weather forecasts for the next 24 hours with the collected measurements. This means that you are perfectly prepared for the upcoming weather a day before. The date and time that is always synchronized via the PC is also displayed. In addition, the weather station has an alarm function that will always wake you up on time.

  • PC weather station with 6-in-1 outdoor sensor with PC connection via USB for reading and sharing weather data.
  • The 6-in-1 outdoor sensor collects weather data on temperature, wind speed and direction, air pressure, UV measurement, humidity and precipitation.
  • Further information such as moon phases, sunrise and sunrise, or a 24 hour weather forecast is displayed. Measurement and history data displays, as well as an alarm and alarm function are also integrated.
  • The weather station is equipped with an LED backlight, which can be activated via a button on the top of the device. The power supply is via 9 AA batteries (6 station, 3 outdoor sensor). The station can also be powered via the USB port.
  • Base station dimensions: 117x189x31 mm; weight: 285g; box contents: base station, multi-sensor with mounting material, USB cable

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