Bresser 7001800 CM3000 Weather Station

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Wall Clock MyTime Jumbo LCD with outdoor sensor, black


About the Bresser 7001800 CM3000 Weather Station

  • A large radio-controlled clock with integrated weather station and outdoor sensor. Due to the stand and the recesses on the back, the clock can be placed on flat surfaces as well as on the wall.
  • With 9 centimetre high digits for the time, it is easy to read even from a greater distance. The high-quality LCD display has a high perspective and can be read perfectly from any position.
  • The setting of the time as well as the changeover to summer or winter time takes place automatically via the DCF time signal. In addition to the time, date, temperature and humidity as well as a weather forecast are displayed (Manual time setting for the UK time zone and use without DCF radio control in UK).
  • Dimensions: 369x27x229 mmm / Weight: 945 g; 6x AA. 1.5V (station+sensor) required for operation (not included)
  • On the back of the case is a reset button. If the clock is mounted too firmly on the wall, the reset button can be actuated. The Clock should be mounted a little loose to avoid the same.
  • Scope of delivery: wall clock; outdoor sensor; operating manual
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1 review for Bresser 7001800 CM3000 Weather Station

  1. Durham Weather

    Bresser 7001800 CM3000 Weather Station for Homeowners

    As a seasoned meteorologist, I have had the pleasure of reviewing the Bresser 7001800 CM3000 Weather Station, and I must say, it is a feature-rich and reliable device that can greatly benefit homeowners. Let’s delve into the details of this weather station and explore how each feature can be advantageous.

    Outdoor Weather Sensors:
    The Bresser CM3000 comes equipped with a range of outdoor weather sensors, including temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, and atmospheric pressure. These sensors provide homeowners with comprehensive and accurate real-time data about their immediate environment. Here are some examples of how these features can be beneficial:
    Temperature: Homeowners can monitor temperature fluctuations to optimize their home’s heating and cooling systems, resulting in energy savings.
    Humidity: This information helps prevent mold or excessive moisture, allowing homeowners to maintain a healthy indoor environment.
    Wind Speed and Direction: Useful for understanding local wind patterns, which can be crucial for outdoor activities, gardening, or even assessing the need for wind protection measures around the property.
    Rainfall: Homeowners can track rainfall patterns to adjust irrigation systems, monitor water usage, or assess the need for additional drainage solutions.
    Atmospheric Pressure: Changes in atmospheric pressure can indicate approaching weather systems, allowing homeowners to prepare for potential storms or other weather events.
    Indoor Display Unit:
    The indoor display unit of the CM3000 presents the collected weather data in a user-friendly manner. It typically includes a clear digital display, customizable backlighting, and intuitive navigation. Here’s how this benefits homeowners:
    Convenient Information Access: Homeowners can easily view all weather data at a glance, eliminating the need to rely on external sources or multiple devices.
    Historical Data: Some models of the CM3000 allow users to access historical weather data, empowering homeowners to analyze trends, compare seasons, or even track the impact of environmental changes on their property over time.
    Wireless Connectivity and Internet Connectivity:
    Many versions of the CM3000 are equipped with wireless connectivity or have options to connect to the internet. This opens up a world of possibilities for homeowners:
    Mobile Apps and Online Platforms: Homeowners can connect the weather station to compatible mobile apps or online platforms to access weather data remotely. This is beneficial when planning outdoor activities, assessing weather conditions before leaving home, or simply staying informed about local weather trends.
    Integration with Smart Home Systems: Some CM3000 models offer integration with smart home systems. This enables homeowners to automate actions based on weather conditions, such as adjusting thermostats or closing motorized awnings during inclement weather.
    Alarms and Notifications:
    Certain CM3000 models come equipped with customizable alarms and notifications. Homeowners can set specific thresholds for temperature, humidity, wind speed, or rainfall and receive alerts when those thresholds are crossed. This feature provides peace of mind and helps homeowners take timely action.
    In conclusion, the Bresser 7001800 CM3000 Weather Station offers a range of valuable features that benefit homeowners in numerous ways. From optimizing energy usage and maintaining a healthy indoor environment to enhancing outdoor activities and allowing remote weather monitoring, this weather station empowers homeowners to make informed decisions based on accurate and personalized weather data. With its versatility and reliability, the CM3000 is an excellent investment for homeowners seeking to stay in control of their local weather conditions.

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