Braun Digital Multi-Region Radio Controlled Weather Station


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Design is at the heart of Braun:
The concept of ‘less, but better’ has its origins in the Bauhaus movement, but it was Braun and Dieter Rams that created a mind-set of order, clarity and simplicity and applied it to electrical appliances. For six decades, Braun’s humanistic approach to design has inspired designers and companies around the world.

: This Braun digital weather station alarm clock features a negative LCD display that can be set to either 12 or 24 hour mode. This time is set and controlled automatically by DCF (Germany), MSF (UK), WWVB (US) or JJY (Japan) signal. Please check that these signals work in your area before purchase. The radio controlled function can be switched off and the clock can be manually set for use in those countries where the radio controlled signal cannot be registered by the clock. This Braun digital weather station alarm clock has a customisable interface that can display indoor and outdoor temperature (Celsius °C or Fahrenheit °F) and indoor and outdoor humidity. The outdoor sensor also features a temperature display. This weather station clock does not require a power adaptor to operate, however, using a power adaptor will allow the backlight to stay on permanently. The power adaptor can be bought separately.

Multi-Region Radio Controlled [DCF (Germany), MSF (UK) and WWVB (US)] Indoor temperature (Celsius °C or Fahrenheit °F) and humidity Outdoor temperature (Celsius °C or Fahrenheit °F) and humidity Forecast Outdoor sensor with temperature display Reverse LCD display Beep alarm Integrated snooze/backlight function Snooze interval is 5 minutes Backlight illuminates for 10 seconds once manually activated 12/24 hour display Additional information: 2 year guarantee Requires 3x AA batteries (INCLUDED) Box contains: 1x Braun digital weather station clock 1x outdoor sensor 3x AA batteries 1x Instruction manual

Manufacturer’s Description

About Braun

Braun is known for design-driven innovations. Braun’s minimalist, clean aesthetic, introduced by one of the renowned German designer Dieter Rams, was built around the brand ethos – less, but better. Rams and his colleague Dietrich Lubs launched a range of functional timepieces based on the established visual language that made Braun products one of the iconic.

In recent years this range has been re-established and revived, updated to bring the past forward. Made to last from reliable and durable raw materials, Braun watches and clocks are designed and built with a focus on quality and precision.

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