Braun Digital Multi-Region Radio Controlled Weather Station


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About the Braun Digital Multi-Region Radio Controlled Weather Station

  • Multi-Region Radio Controlled – This Braun Clock is set and controlled automatically by DCF (Germany), MSF (UK) and WWVB (US) signal. Please check that these signals work in your area before purchase. The radio controlled function can be switched off and the clock can be manually set for use in those countries where the radio controlled signal cannot be registered by the clock
  • Customisable interface that can display indoor and outdoor temperature (Celsius °C or Fahrenheit °F) and indoor and outdoor humidity
  • Beep alarm – The beep alarm gets more frequent if you do not turn it off. Snooze / backlight function (Snooze interval is 5 minutes/Light illuminates for 10 seconds once manually activated). The backlight can stay on permanently if used with a power adaptor which is NOT INCLUDED
  • Negative LCD display with 12 hour / 24 hour setting option. *the digital display may vary in contrast depending on room lighting
  • Battery: This Clock requires 3 x AA batteries to operate which are INCLUDED. Power adaptor: This clock does not require a power adaptor to operate, however, using a power adaptor will allow the backlight to stay on permanently. A power adaptor is NOT INCLUDED.
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