ALongSong Weather Station with Outdoor Sensor


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About the ALongSong Weather Station

  • Large Color Display The weather station features a large, high-resolution LCD screen with a color gradient display that corresponds to different times of day. Our designers have created a unique visual experience that showcases the changing colors of dawn, noon, dusk, and midnight. From any angle, users can easily read information such as the time, date, weather forecast, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, moon phase, and atmospheric pressure.
  • Auto Light Sensing&Adjustable Backlight The ALongSong weather station features an automatic light sensor that adjusts screen brightness based on ambient lighting conditions. Users can also manually adjust screen brightness with three-level dimming options to suit their preferences. Additionally, when running on battery power, the screen will automatically turn off after 10 seconds
  • Outdoor Sensor up to 100M With the ability to connect up to 3 sensors within an open range of 328FT/100M, our weather station allows you to easily monitor the outdoor temperature and humidity in various locations around your home, such as your children’s room, garden, greenhouse, backyard, and more. Please note that our device comes equipped with only one sensor.
  • RCC Radio Wave Signal Reception Once the weather station is connected to a power source, it will automatically adjust the weather, time, temperature, humidity, moon phase, and air pressure based on your location and time zone, eliminating the need for manual setup. If your region observes daylight saving time, it will also synchronize accordingly.
  • Built-in Alarm Clock Function The alarm can be turned off by pressing any button, and if there is no action taken after three minutes, it will automatically turn off, and it will ring again after seven minutes. When you receive the weather station, the system comes with a default alarm set for 7:00 AM. If you do not want this alarm, you can turn it off and set alarms for other times according to the instructions.
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