ACCUR8 A8-DWS7100 Weather Station


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About the ACCUR8 A8-DWS7100 Weather Station

  • Weather stations – Are ideal for Home Use in the UK. This wireless weather station has WiFi and Sofware App for Android & iOS
  • Wireless Smart Garden Sensor has a bulit in rain gauge, wind meter , temperature & humidity monitor . Solar powered integrated wireless sensor suite for outdoors.
  • WiFi Sofware App for Android & iOS allows for connection to meteorological weather communities such as WunderGround & WeatherCloud where you can publish outdoor weather data
  • Home weather station – Allows for programable alarm for extreme weather including indoor and outdoor wireless thermometer & humidity highs and lows, as well as barometers, rainfall and wind speed from the weathervane.
  • Digital Station – Displays all the main instruments such as barometer air pressure, UV, wind speed & direction, rain fall and both indoor & outdoor temperature and humidity.

Product description

View your wireless weather station on the colour display, mobile app or online! The ACCUR8 DWS5100 7-in-1 Solar-Powered Wi-Fi weather stations combines a modern compact design with the ability to publish your weather conditions online via Wi-Fi connection.

The solar-powered 7-in-1 outdoor sensor suite transmits wind speed, wind direction, humidity, temperature sensor, UV readings and rainfall to the home station. Current and historical values are displayed on the colour display of the weather station. Wind speed and direction are useful if you want to install a wind turbine or turbines.

Don’t be caught out by weather extremes: alerts can be programmed to notify you if minimum and maximum values (indoor outdoor thermometer, rainfall etc) are exceeded allowing you to keep to an ambient temperature.

Connects to the Internet via your home WiFi (uses 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi) Publish your weather conditions to popular weather websites and/or View your live weather data on your Android or iOS smart mobile device with the Wunderground app. As the garden outdoor sensor suite is solar-powered and charged by the sun.

The wireless unit does not have to be wall mounted; it can be positioned on a pole. The home station displays a clock and a wide range of measurements and historical data Indoor temperature and outdoor temperature. Wind direction and speed are provided from the sensors built in weather vane. Rainfall is recorded by the rain gauge.

Weather Station Wifi Weather forecast (sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy) id monitored by the built in barometer measuring barometric air pressure in relative or absolute readings. Dew point ‘Feels like’ temperature (a combination of Heat Index and Wind Chill) Moon phase Programmable alarms for weather extremes including: indoor temperature, indoor humidity, outdoor temperature sensor , outdoor humidity, rainfall, wind speed. The wireless sensor has built in outdoor thermometer and humidity sensor.

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