Abosea Weather Station


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About the Abosea Weather Station

All in One

The Abosea weather station is not only a thermometer, hygrometer and barometer, but also a calendar, a moon phrase and a clock with SNOOZE function. The weather station is equipped with the latest data synchronization technology and has built-in highly sensitive chips, with which temperature, humidity and air pressure can be measured automatically with high accuracy.

Large Multi-View Angle Color LCD Screen

4.21 ” * 3.74 ” Large Color LCD Screen gives you large digits with various bright color icons that are easy to read. The screen of the wireless weather station shows indoor and outdoor temperature (° C / ℉), humidity with maximum / minimum recording, air pressure, weather forecast, moon phase and real-time / calendar / month / year.

Alarm Clock and Snooze Function

In addition to displaying the date and time, this digital weather station can also be used as an alarm clock with SNOOZE function. When the alarm tone is activated, press the top button on the weather station to activate the snooze function. After 5 minutes, the alarm sounds again to avoid falling asleep effectively.

3 Channels and 2 Placement Options

Press the 【CHANNEL】 button to change channel 1 → 2 → 3. Place the sensor in different places. You can monitor temperature and humidity in four locations at the same time. This weather station can either be hung on the wall or placed on a desk.

2 Power Supply Options

Two power supply options, USB power supply and battery power supply. Main unit: 3 x AAA batteries, remote control sensor: 2 x AAA batteries (batteries not included).

Abosea Weather Station Product Description

weather station

Main Functions of the Abosea Weather Station


2. Weekdays in 5 languages: GER (German), ENG (English), FRE (French), ITA(Italian), SPA(Spanish)

3. Alarm and Snooze function

4. 12/24 Hour & C/F Selectable

5. Moon phase

6. Displays real time environment temperature (in ℃ or ‘℉) and humidity

7. Max 3 channels

8. Temperature & Humidity trend indicator

9. Max. and Min. In & Out Temperature and Humidity record

10. Air atmospheric pressure value represented in pressure units hPa/mb or mmHg

11. Weather forecast icon: Sunny, Partly cloudy, Cloudy, Rainy, Stormy

12. 2 power supply: powered by batteries and powered by USB.

13. Low battery indicator

Backlight Function

1. When powered by batteries, press “SNOOZE/LIGHT” key to turn on the backlight. The backlight will last 10 seconds.

2. For continuous backlight, please connect the power adaptor. Press and hold “SN/LIGHT” to switch backlight brightness among Strong /Medium /Soft light.

Package Includes

-1 x Abosea Weather Station

-1 x Wireless Outdoor Sensor

-1 x USB Cable

-1 x User Manual

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