3DHOME Storm Glass


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3DHOME Storm Glass

  • The perfect gift: Exquisite packaging box. Although storm glass is a tool for weather forecasting, its unique appearance is a perfect gift for your friends, family, lover, wife, and mom. This will be an unexpected surprise.
  • work principle: In a closed glass container, there are multiple materials, which allows him to make changes to the outside world in a closed space. He will make crystal changes in different seasons, but cannot change with the rapid changes in the weather
  • The origin of the storm glass: A storm glass bottle made by the British Navy Admiral (Robert FitzRoy) in order to predict the weather when sailing, which allows the Lieutenant General to predict the weather changes in advance during the voyage, allowing him and his soldiers to reach their destination smoothly.
  • STUNNING DECORATION PIECE – The Storm Weather Glass is truly beautiful, each minimalist weather drop bottle is handmade and is a perfect décor piece for any Home, Outdoor Balcony, Bedroom, Office or Classroom. With the wooden base included you have the freedom to place it anywhere you wish, once done sit back and watch in admiration.
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Product Description

A Must-Have for Your Family


  • 〖THE ORIGIN OF Storm Glass〗
  • A storm bottle is a device used to indicate the weather, storm glass is a sealed glass bottle filled with a solution. The user can predict the weather by looking at the solution in the bottle.
  • The solution in the bottle is a mixture of several substances. This unique formula was invented by (Robert Fitzroy) the British Navy Lieutenant.
  • Admiral (Robert Fitzroy) accompanied (Charles) to explore between 1834 and 1836. (Robert Fitzroy) In addition to being a navy, he is also a pioneer in meteorology.
  • As a weather observation device, The biologist (Darwin), This equipment is also used to assist in maritime navigation.
  • The weather bottle can still be used as a beautiful decoration as the external temperature shows a change of crystal. It can also be used as an interesting scientific textbook to learn the configuration and crystallization behavior of the solution.


  • The change in crystallization in the bottle is mainly due to the fact that the solubility of the solution changes with temperature in order to control the continuous nucleation during the high-speed growth of the crystal.
  • When the temperature changes, crystals are precipitated, and the rate of change in temperature affects the growth size and structure of the crystal. These factors add up to the beautiful changes in the crystal form of the bottle.


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