Climate and the British Scene by Gordon Manley



From Chaucer’s sweet April showers to the peasoupers of Sherlock Holmes the British scene cannot be contemplated without climate entering in. This edition is exclusive to

In this book Professor Manley shows us the best and worst of our much-maligned climate. He traces the subtle influence of sunshine and cloud, of dew, mist, rain, hail and snow, of heat and cold on the changing scene through the seasons. We often apologise for our climate, but in many ways it is the best in the world. No great extremes of heat or cold, no dreaded droughts, no destructive hurricanes, yet a marked seasonal rhythm with lots of little surprises. The richness of plant and animal life, the extremely high productivity of our farmlands, the fleeting beauties of our landscape – all are closely linked with Britain’s climate.

It may justly be claimed that this is the first book to attempt scientifically to trace these intimate yet elusive relationships.

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