Youshiko YC9075 Digital Wireless Weather Thermometer

Youshiko Digital Wireless Indoor outdoor Weather Thermometer , Gauge, Monitor Temperature , Meter for Home Office ( with outdoor Sensor ) Min / Max Records ( 24 Hour Auto Reset )


About the Youshiko YC9075 Digital Wireless Weather Thermometer

  • Indoor & outdoor Temperature in Centigrade (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F) with Bold Clear dispaly
  • Maximum and Minimum ( 24 Hour Auto Reset ) Function with Permanent Display
  • Wireless transmission of outdoor temperature via wireless sensor , Wireless sensor included.
  • Outdoor Temperature alarm & Frost Alert
  • Wall mounting or Table standing and for other models visit :

Youshiko Digital Wireless Indoor Outdoor Weather Thermometer that tells you about the changes in temperature in and around your space. This device gets a stylish design and displays entities like outdoor and indoor temperature, with maximum and minimum values of both. This weather station gets a segregated display for indoor and outdoor temperature.

You receive weather data from an outdoor sensor via wireless transmission. You also get an outdoor temperature alarm with frost alert function that beeps when the weather is un favourable outside. The entire system is very easy to use and synchronize which makes it a perfect addition to your home.

Comes with an Outdoor Sensor

The Youshiko weather thermometer gets a durable outdoor sensor unit that displays information about the indoor and outdoor temperature. This wireless sensor can be placed up to 95 feet from the main weather station. The outdoor sensor is durable enough to withstand changes in the weather.

Easy Installation with User-Friendly Interface

This device is very easy to set up. The weather data can be transmitted to the monitor through a wireless connection and is very easy to read. The digital display allows you easy viewing even from a distance. The device also comes with a low battery indicator which reminds you to change the batteries whenever necessary.

A Great Addition to Home or Office

The Youshiko YC9075 Wireless Weather Thermometer is a great addition to homes or offices because of its ability to display minute details about the changes in temperature in the surrounding area. The detailed information that you receive from this device allows you to plan in advance and get your work done in a hassle-free and efficient manner.

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