WARMTUYO Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer


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  • [Room Thermometer] LCD display, bright light source, easier to read the displayed temperature and humidity. By smiling or unhappy expressions, you can directly understand the room thermometer and humidity around you.
  • [Swiss High-Precision Sensirion Digital Sensor] Equipped with Swiss high-precision Sensirion temperature and humidity sensor, updated once a second, providing more accurate and faster data. The temperature error can be ±0.1°C, and the humidity error can be ±1%.
  • [Mini Bluetooth Thermometer Hygrometer] You can easily fix the magnetic bracket on multiple surfaces as a bracket or adhesive pad. Thermometer Hygrometer is very suitable for placing in any room, size: 43 * 43mm, can also be carried at any time without taking up space.
  • [Use Smart Device] Through the Bluetooth gateway, Bluetooth Thermometer 2 can be linked with other smart devices in the home to intelligently improve the indoor heating, cooling, and dryness, bringing a smart and healthy life, and making your home more comfortable. (Note: Bluetooth gateway needs to be purchased separately)
  • [Temperature and Humidity Data Storage] Open the “Mihome App”, add the device Bluetooth Thermometer 2, you can view the temperature and humidity curve in real time, and the data is stored in the thermometer body and in the cloud.

Product Description


Detect Changes in Temperature and Humidity to Make Life More Comfortable

Temperature and humidity are closely related to our health. Sudden changes may make your tongue dry, catch a cold, allergic discomfort… Bluetooth Thermohygrometer 2 perceives subtle changes in temperature and humidity for you, and timely links with other smart devices to adjust the indoor temperature Wet, make life more comfortable.

Basic Parameters


  • Product Name: Bluetooth Thermometer 2
  • Battery Nodel: CR2032〔installed)
  • Mode: Baby mode
  • Wireless Connection: Bluetooth 4.2BLE
  • CMI IT ID: 2019DP 8115
  • Temperature Measurement Range: 0C~60℃
  • Product Material: ABS, PMMA
  • Temperature Display Resolution: 0.1℃
  • Humidity Measurement Range: 0%-99%RH
  • Humidity Display Resolution: 1%RH
  • Working Voltage: DC2.5V-3V
  • Product Size: 43*43×12.5mm
  • Product Net Weight: 21g


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