ThermoPro TP52 Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer


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  • Large backlit display: The digital hygrometer features 3.3 inches large LCD with backlit function allows you easy to see display day and night which help you monitor the indoor temperature and humidity timely
  • Air comfort Indicator: The thermometer and humidity guage’s illustrated chart vividly conveys a wet, comfort, and dry humidity level, in a clear design; Allowing you to react appropriately by adjusting your humidifier
  • Max and Min Records and Accurate Readings: The home thermometer stores and displays max and min humidity and temperature records for the past 24 hours and its measure range is -20 to 70 degree Celsius with accuracy to 1 degree Celsius which providing accurate humidity and temperature readings for your living environments
  • 3 Placement options and multiple uses: The temp and humidity monitor features decent size for a table top, magnet or wall installation unless you is seeking a much larger display to see at a distance; It is ideal for constantly monitoring labs, storage facilities, plant areas, pet house, etc
  • Highly accurate readings: Indoor thermometer hygrometer features premium sensors that provide accurate humidity and temperature readings for your living environments ensuring you always have the most accurate information on hand; Accurate to 1 degree Celsius and 2 to 3 percentage relative humidity

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