ThermoPro TP50 Room Thermometer Digital Indoor Hygrometer


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  • Product Description

    As a premium brand of rapid development in recent years, “ThermoPro” enjoys a high reputation in the global market. ThermoPro TP50 is the perfect household device to monitor the living environment. Not just reliable readings, the temperature and humidity monitor is equipped to give you daily updates on the record of highest and lowest humidity/temperature of any given day, allowing you to compare the current readings to those of the past. Another convenient feature is that the unit with extremely sensitive humidity and temperature sensor will quickly inform you of the comfort level (DRY, COMFORTABLE, WET).

    Simple Humidity Level Indicator

    Check indoor comfort and humidity conditions at a glance with the humidity level icon. — Dry: < 30%. — Comfort: Humidity: 30%-60%, temperature: 20°C-26°C (68°F-79°F). — Wet: >60%.

    High and Low Records

    The humidity temperature gauge displays all-time high and low records for both humidity and temperature

    Easy Setting

    Press the button on the back to switch between °C and °F and hold for 2 seconds to clear the record maximum and minimum humidity/temperature readings

    Get the Info You Need to Control Temperature and Humidity

    It’s the perfect companion for your humidifier and dehumidifier. You can use humidifier or dehumidifier to change the humidity of ambient environment according to the reading from TP50.


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