Bresser telescope Pollux 150/750

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About the Bresser telescope Pollux 150/750

  • Telescope for night and solar observation for beginners. Optical system: parabolic Newton Reflector
  • Aperture Solar-filter and Smartphone camera adapter included. Objective lens diameter: 150 mm; Focal length: 750 mm
  • Magnification: 37x-562x (Highest practical power: 300x). Mounting: Equatorial EQ-3
  • Total weight 12,5 kg ; Tube weight 4,6 kg. Focuser: 2.0″ with adapter for 1.25″ eyepiece shaft
  • Scope of delivery: Telescope with tripod, Solar-filter, Smartphone camera adapter, eyepieces, barlow lense, LED finder, astronomy software, manual
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  1. Durham Weather

    The Bresser Telescope Pollux 150/750 is an exceptional telescope that outperforms many competitor brands in its class. With its advanced features, optical performance, and ease of use, it sets a high standard in the realm of amateur astronomy. Let’s delve into the technical details of this telescope and explore why it stands out, supported by examples and reasoning.

    Optics and Aperture:

    The Bresser Pollux 150/750 boasts high-quality optics and a substantial 150mm aperture. The combination of a 150mm aperture and a focal length of 750mm delivers impressive light-gathering capabilities and enables clear, detailed views of celestial objects.

    Compared to some competitor brands such as Celestron and Meade, which may offer smaller apertures in a similar price range, the Pollux 150/750 stands out for its larger aperture. A larger aperture allows for better resolution, meaning it can reveal finer details of planets, galaxies, and nebulae, providing a more immersive and rewarding stargazing experience.

    Equatorial Mount and Stability:
    The Bresser Pollux 150/750 comes with a sturdy and precise equatorial mount. The equatorial mount allows for smooth and accurate tracking of celestial objects as they move across the night sky, making it ideal for long observation sessions and astrophotography.

    In comparison to some competitor brands that may offer less stable alt-azimuth mounts at a similar price point, the Pollux 150/750’s equatorial mount provides superior stability and tracking performance. This feature is especially important for astronomy enthusiasts aiming to capture high-quality images or observe celestial objects for extended periods.

    Fully Coated Optics:

    The Pollux 150/750 comes with fully coated optics, which enhance light transmission and reduce reflections, resulting in clearer and more contrast-rich images. Fully coated optics contribute to better image brightness and sharpness.

    When compared to some competing telescopes that may have uncoated or partially coated optics, the Pollux 150/750’s fully coated optics stand out for delivering superior image quality. The enhanced light transmission ensures that users can enjoy breathtaking views of celestial wonders without compromise.

    Dual-Fit 1.25″ and 2″ Focuser:

    The telescope features a dual-fit 1.25″ and 2″ focuser, providing versatility for using both standard 1.25″ eyepieces and larger 2″ eyepieces. This flexibility allows users to select from a wide range of eyepieces and accessories, catering to different observing needs and preferences.

    While some competitor telescopes may only offer a 1.25″ focuser, the Pollux 150/750’s dual-fit focuser stands out for its adaptability. This feature allows astronomy enthusiasts to easily switch between different eyepieces and even accommodate larger 2″ eyepieces for a wider field of view and increased image brightness.

    Collimatable Newtonian Reflector Design:

    The Pollux 150/750 features a collimatable Newtonian reflector design, which allows for easy and accurate collimation. Proper collimation ensures that the telescope’s mirrors are aligned correctly, optimizing image sharpness and brightness.

    Compared to some competing brands that may lack collimation adjustments or offer less straightforward collimation processes, the Pollux 150/750’s collimatable design provides an advantage. Users can quickly and precisely collimate the telescope to achieve the best possible views of celestial objects, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

    In conclusion, the Bresser Telescope Pollux 150/750 is a top-notch choice for astronomy enthusiasts seeking a powerful, reliable, and user-friendly telescope. With its impressive optics and aperture, stable equatorial mount, fully coated optics, dual-fit focuser, and collimatable Newtonian reflector design, it surpasses many competitor brands like Celestron and Meade.

    Whether you’re a seasoned observer or a beginner in amateur astronomy, the Pollux 150/750 promises exceptional celestial views and an unforgettable stargazing journey.

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